CO2 Pressure Regulator Sealing Washer



Replacement pressure regulator inlet sealing washer.

Suits the Non-refillable 2.2 Litre CO2 Food Grade Carbon Dioxide Gas Cylinder regulators.

Dimensions 11.80mm OD x 1.6mm thick with a 5mm centre hole.

Suitable for Zip 95267, Billi, Aquastream 91295-s and Puretec Sparq-S4

If your CO2 cylinder is leaking out Carbon Dioxide of a newly installed CO2 cylinder, then it means that the pressure regulator seal requires replacing. 

This is a common issue and most of the time, simply by replacing the seal will fix the leak.

Replacing the sealing washer on a regular basis will reduce the risk of leaking CO2. 

Included is a printed instruction sheet on how to replace the seal.

Video on how to replace CO2 pressure regulator washer seal





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