Gravity Beer Filter Kit


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Gravity Home Brew beer filter to remove spent yeast and haze from your beer. Creates a much clearer beer without impacting taste.  

Transparent 10″ filter housing with 3/4″ Bsp ports with air bleed button on top, housing has screw in 13mm barbed hose fittings with a shut off tap on the outlet side to help remove air from the filter, also helps control flow if bottling. 2 meters of 12.5mm ID clear food grade tubing is supplied. 

The 12.5mm ID tubing will push onto a standard fermenter tap. Ideal for removing sediment & haze from your home brew without affecting the beer taste and will still allow beer to work in the bottle. Gravity filter beer from your fermenter into an empty keg or into bottles.

USA made quality pleated washable 10″ x 2.5″ filter cartridge, these filters can be washed out and reused many times before replacing. 

Instructions on how to use and cleaning are included.

What’s In The Box?

  • Transparent housing with 3/4″ BSP Ports
  • The sediment filter of your choice (1 micron nominal, 0.35 micron nominal, or 1 micron Absolute)
  • 2 Metres of 12.5mm ID Clear Food Grade Tubing
  • Barb connector on the inlet side
  • Barb connector with shut off tap on outlet side
  • Filtering & cleaning instructions are included.

Choosing a Micron Rating

The standard kit comes with a 1 micron nominal rated filter, you have the choice in the product options to change the filter to a 0.35 micron nominal rated filter.

Simply click on the product option box you require. Use the removal rates below as a approximate guide.

1 micron Nominal will still allow some yeast through for the beer to work. (up to 90% at 1 micron &  10% at 2.5 micron)  Base kit filter

0.35 micron Nominal will remove most yeast from the beer. (up to 90% at 0.4 micron & 10% at 1.2 micron) Filtering will be slower.

1 micron Absolute filters are also available. This filters will take longer to filter and are not recommended for bottling beer.



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