SPA Absolute Rated 222 Seal Type Pleated Filters



SPA pleated Beer & Wine filters.

Range of microns ratings are available in the product options.

222 Double o-rings on top of filters.

Used in Wine & Beer production will only fit matching filter housings..

Dimensions are 272mm overall x 70mm across.

Simply choose the micron rating you need in the product options.

Synopex SPA006011PP1E 0.6 micron Abs

Polypure  PPMS-0.65A-10-222/Flat 0.65 Micron Abs

Polypure PPMS-10A-10-222/Flat 10 Micron Abs

BFPP-PPB-TC-10-E 1 micron Abs

BFPP-HAG-TC-10-E 3 micron Abs

BFPP-HAH-TC-10-E 5 micron Abs

BFPP filters having a better recovery rate.

The new BFPP range have the latest technology filter material with enhanced back washing capabilities.


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