12 inch 222 Style O-ring Filter Housing



12″ Housing to suit 222 o-ring type of filters only.

These housings are ideal for beer and wine filters that can be backwashed.

12″ housing and take 10″ spear and 10″ flat bottom pleated SPA, SPN and PES filters. If using the flat bottom filters you will need to use bottom spacer supplied to hold the filters up into the head.

The housings have 3/4″ bsp female inlet and outlet ports.

The housings have two 1/4″ female gauge ports in the head and a 1/4″ female port in the sump which allows for backwashing and draining.

3 x 1/4″ blanking plugs to seal of 1/4″ port if not used.

Kit includes a S/S mounting bracket and screws.

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