Under Sink Water Filters and Fluoride Removal Filters

Under Sink Water Filter Systems

Under sink water filters are an affordable and convenient way to filter water going to one or more taps, fridges, ice makers and other water consuming appliances.

The filter system is out of sight and doesn’t take up valuable space on your kitchen bench – making it ideal for compact kitchens.

We carry a wide range of filter systems which can remove Dirt, Sediment, Chlorine, Fluoride, Bad taste, Odours, Heavy Metals, Bacteria, Cysts, Bugs and many more contaminates.

They will make your drinking water safe and healthy. You can even make your own bottle water which will save you lots of money!

Types of Under Sink Water Filters

There are several types of under sink water filter systems available:

High Flow Under Sink Water Filter Systems

High flow units connect to a normal cold water tap and filter 100% of the cold water being used by a specific tap or appliance.

They support higher flow rates up to 5-6 litres per minute (depending on the filters used).

High flow units are the perfect choice when:

  • You don’t want to install a dedicated drinking water tap or 3-way tap on your kitchen bench or sink
  • You have relatively high quality water so don’t need ultra-fine filtration

The only draw backs of high flow units are:

  • 100% of your water is being filtered including water used to wash dishes. This means you may use up filter capacity faster.
  • High flow units typically have filters which aren’t as fine as systems with dedicated taps as they must support higher flow rates. However, they are still very fine and will remove sediment, chemicals, bad taste/odour.
  • Certain types of filters are less effective in high flow units, as they need a lot of contact time, like fluoride reduction filters.

Under Sink Water Filter Systems With Dedicated Tap

These water filter systems send filtered water to a dedicated drinking water tap or appliance. Can also be used with 3-way taps, which have an additional lever/spout just for filtered water.

These systems typically have a slower flow rate (< 2 Litres per minute) and use ultra-fine filters.

Systems with a dedicated tap are ideal when:

  • You require extremely fine filtration or a specific contaminant removed, like fluoride or heavy metals
  • There is plenty of room on your sink or benchtop for a dedicated tap
  • Having a slower flow rate won’t affect you

If you need help deciding which system to purchase, give us a call or send an email today.

Why Choose Clarence Water Filters?

Clarence Water Filters have a under bench water filter system for every application.

We also have a range of conversion kits to replace any brand of water filter to a more affordable replacement cartridge type of system.

Customers can choose from a range of water filter faucet taps including 3 in 1 kitchen mixer taps that allow you to just have the one tap for Cold, Hot and Filtered water.

With the right filters you will never need to boil drinking water again. If you need help in choosing the right system for your needs, just contact us at Clarence Water Filters for great advice.