Clean Oxide Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Tablets



Tank water Disinfectant and Treatment tablets.

Pack of 8 x 4g tables for caravans, boats and small holding tanks. Each 4g Chlorine Dioxide tablet treats 100-400 litres of water.

Pack of 5 x 20g tablets for smaller tanks. Each 20g chlorine dioxide tablet treats 2,000 litres of water

Pack of 5 x 100g tablets for larger tanks. Each 100g chlorine dioxide tablet treats 10,000 litres of water at 1 PPM.

Benefits of CleanOxide Chlorine Dioxide

  • Effective over a broad pH range (4 to 10).
  • Controls bacteria, fungi, viruses, biofilm and algae.
  • Does not react with ammonia & does not produce toxic compounds in contact with organic materials present in water.
  • Effective at lower dose rates than chlorine or bromine.
  • Non-corrosive at the recommended dose rates.
  • Bio-degradable in sunlight.
  • Micro-organisms do not develop resistance to Clean Oxide.
  • Safe and approved for use in Australia and around the world at recommended dose rates.
  • After opening, best used within 12 months.

Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) is an oxidising biocide. It kills micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses and spores) by attacking and penetrating their cell wall, disrupting the transport of nutrients across the cell wall and inhibiting protein synthesis.

Since this action occurs regardless of the metabolic state of the organism, oxidising biocides are effective against dormant organisms and spores (Giardia Cysts and Poliovirus).

Chlorine Dioxide is highly soluble in water as well as in a variety of organic material. Because it is so soluble, Chlorine Dioxide penetrates through materials that protect micro-organisms from other biocides.

For example, in water systems, bacteria can be protected by a polysaccharide film (biofilm). Chlorine has difficulty penetrating this barrier because of its ionic nature in water. However, Chlorine Dioxide readily penetrates through this layer to kill underlying organisms.

Although Chlorine Dioxide has the word Chlorine in its name, they have completely different chemical structures. The additional oxygen atom radically changes the molecule and creates completely different chemical behaviours and by-products.

Their differences are as profound as those between hydrogen, the explosive gas, and hydrogen combined with oxygen, which creates di-hydrogen oxide – commonly called water.

CleanOxide™ is 99.9% pure stabilised Chlorine Dioxide and generates no harmful By-products. Furthermore it’s effective over a wide pH band from 4 to 10.

In contrast, Chlorine changes the taste and odour of water. Chlorination will also produce harmful by-products called Trihalomethanes (THMs) and Bromates which are carcinogenic.

Moreover, Chlorine will not remove biofilm, is more corrosive, environmentally unsound, may not be used at temperatures of 40°C or over and has a very narrow pH band within which it has any useful action (6.5 to 7.5).

Australian Drinking Water Guidelines

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (the ADWG) published by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council (NRMMC) in 2004 are not mandatory standards but provide a basis for determining drinking water quality.

Chlorine dioxide has been approved by NHMRC for use in disinfecting drinking water since 2005. The ADWG recommends a maximum of 1mg/L for chlorine dioxide on health grounds and a maximum of 0.4mg/L on aesthetic grounds (taste).

For more information about Chlorine Dioxide click on the link below

Australian Government Environment and Water page


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