Town Water Chlorine & Chloramine Twin Whole House Water Filter


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Twin 2045BB+P5+KDF55+2kg/ORC+2kg

Chloramine Large Town Whole of House Water Filter systems. These systems can be used on town water supplies that have been treated with a mix of Chlorine and Ammonia which when mixed together makes Chloramine.

This system is a Twin Big Blue filter housings with 1″ Bsp threaded inlet & outlet ports that take standard 20″ x 4.5″ filters, mounted on a Stainless Steel bracket with a plastic housing spanner for undoing the filter sumps.

The first stage of the system is a 2045  5 micron sediment filter which will reduce sediment, rust algae etc. Options of 2045PS5 polyspun disposable for longer service life that may only need replacing every 12 months or the 2045PW5 pleated washable filter that can be taken out and hosed clean every 2-6 months. Depending on your water quality they can be cleaned up to 3 or 4 times.

The second stage is a 2045KDF55-2kg/ORC Catalytic coconut carbon refillable filter with sediment filter pads at each end. The KDF55 media and the ORC carbon filter will reduce Chemicals, Chlorine, Ammonia, Chloramine, Organic Compounds, Thrihalomthanes, Bad Taste and Odours greatly improving your water quality. Catalytic carbon is a specifically processed grade of filter carbon that is designed for chloramine removal. The carbon media in the filter will need to be replaced at around 6 months and all the media including the KDF media should be replaced at 12 months but this can vary depending on water quality and usage. An extra 2kg bag of the ORC carbon is supplied with the system for change out of the carbon at 6 months. 

The system is rated at 500Kpa maximum pressure. If you have high water pressure it is recommended to have a pressure limiting valve on the inlet side of your system. Available in the product options is the whole of house Pressure Limiting Valve. The PLV valve will help protect the filter system and all appliances in the house like dishwashers, washing machines hoses and fridges from excessive water pressure.

Dimensions 385mm wide x 200mm deep x 700mm high (you will need to allow an extra 50mm under the system for changing the filters)

For a small investment you will be surprised at the difference these filters will make to your water quality.

If you need help or not sure which option is best for you just contact us for advise.

Material safety data sheets

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