Tank or Rural Large Twin Whole of House Water Filter System Reusable Cartridges



Large Twin Whole of House Silver Impregnated Water Filter System For Tank or Rural Water Supplies

Can be used on Chlorinated or Untreated water supplies.

Ideal for tank water or town water to reduce the risk of Bacterial growth within the filter. Large flow rate filter ideal for wholehouse filtration no matter what your water supply, Tank, Dam, Creek, River or Bore.

These filters can be used for most situations where water quality needs to be improved.

For extra protection against bacteria it’s recommended to install a UV sterilizing system after the whole house system or install a drinking water filter at the sink with a cysts rated filter cartridge.

Twin Whole House Filter System Components

WaterMarked approved Twin Big Blue filter housings with 1″ Bsp threaded inlet & outlet ports that take standard 20″ x 4.5″ filters, mounted on a Stainless Steel bracket with a plastic housing spanner for undoing the filter sumps.

Stage 1: 20″ x 4.5″ Pleated Washable Sediment Filter (5 or 20 Micron) 

The first stage of the system is a 2045PW washable pleated sediment filter. It will reduce sediment, rust, algae, dirt, slime, metal particles and other particulates etc.

You can choose between a 5 Micron fine filter for light sediment or a 20 micron filter for heavy sediment water supplies. As a guide most suspended sediment is removed at 20 microns.

These filters can be taken out and hosed clean and reused, depending on your water quality approximately up to 4 times.

Please choose the sediment filter micron rating in the drop down boxes in the Filter Options.

Stage 2: 20″ x 4.5″ Refillable Filter with Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon

Second stage is a 2045silverGAC silver impregnated granular GAC coconut carbon refillable filter with sediment filter pads at each end. Can be disposed of entirely or refilled.

Will reduce Chemicals, Chlorine, Organic Compounds, Trihalomethanes, Fallout from over spray, Bad Taste and Odours — greatly improving your water quality.

Silver impregnation makes the carbon bacteriostatic, so it will kill or incapacitate bacteria attempting to grow within the cannister itself.

To replace the carbon simply remove the cartridge, unscrew the top end cap off and empty out old carbon, wash the cartridge and sediment pads out then refill with new carbon, replace end cap install and flush lines to remove any carbon fines until clear.

As a guide you should usually change your carbon every 6 months but this can vary with water quality and usage. Cartridge takes 2kg of Silver GAC to refill.

For a small investment, you can dramatically improve the quality of your water. Not only will it taste and smell much better, you will be protected from potential chemical exposure. 

If you need help or not sure which option is best for you just contact us for advice.

Specifications – Twin Whole Of House For Tank Or Rural Water Supplies

  • Dimensions: 385mm wide x 200mm deep x 700mm high (you will need to allow an extra 50mm under the system for changing the filters)
  • Material safety data sheet: MSDS (Silver Impregnated AC)
  • Replacement Housing O-Rings: 826/A
  • Temperature range: 0.5°C – 37.8°C
  • Max Pressure: Limit pressure to a maximum of 500kPa
  • WaterMark Certificate: 23124, IT002715
  • Certifications: AS/NZS 3497:1998 Amdt 1 2001 Drinking Water Treatment Units Plumbing Requirements.

Note: If you suspect that your water pressure may exceed 80 PSI at any time, a 500 kPa (70 PSI) pressure limiting valve must be installed.

3/4″ BSP female 500 kPa pressure limiting vales are available in the options.

Twin Whole Of House For Tank Or Rural Water Supplies Replacement Filters

Replacement filter and carbon kits are listed below.

First Stage:
2045PW5 (Light Sediment)
2045PW20 (Heavy Sediment)

Second Stage:
2045silverGAC (Complete Cartridge with Carbon)
2 kgs Silver Carbon (Carbon Media Refill Only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Contaminants Will This System Reduce?

The Tank or Rural Large Twin Whole of House Water Filter System reduces a wide range of contaminants including:

  • Particulate contaminants like Sand, Silt, Dirt, Rust, Larvae, and Bugs
  • Pesticides, Herbicides, Miticide, Insecticides from agricultural overspray
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Petrochemicals
  • Bad tastes and odours and more.

It will provide you with clean, delicious tasting water free of harmful chemicals.

Is It Easy To Install?

Yes, it is relatively simple.

Installing the unit is a matter of cutting into the main water line coming into your home, after your tank’s water pump.

This is a fairly easy task if you have poly pipe running up to the home, as most houses on tank water do. However, if you have copper or galvanised pipe, it will be more difficult and a plumber may be required.

The unit comes with 1″ Female BSP ports on both sides, with additional fittings available here.

We recommend that the unit be installed on the shady side of the house if possible or that a cover be placed over it. Although it is weather resistant, being out in the sun will shorten it’s lifespan.

Will This System Stop Bacteria?

The stage 2 filter in this unit contains silver impregnated carbon which is naturally resistant to bacteria. This reduces the likelihood of bacteria developing inside of the cartridge itself.

However, that does not mean it will kill all bacteria in the water as it flows through the cartridge. If you suspect that you bacterial contamination, you have three options:

  1. Install an ultraviolet steriliser for your home
    A UV sterilizer uses powerful beams of ultraviolet light to kill 99.9%+ of all bacteria, viruses, protozoa, cyst parasites and algal spores. You will need to choose a system which is capable of handling the maximum flow rate of water entering your property so the water has sufficient exposure time to the light.
  2. Use a ceramic water filter for drinking water
    Ceramic filters have an ultra-fine ceramic exterior which is capable of filtering down to 0.2 microns nominal. At this fineness, the majority of common harmful bacteria will be removed, including E.Coli, Shigella, Salmonella, Klebsiella & Cholera. The downside of ceramic filtration is that it can only handle slow flow rates, so can only be used on dedicated drinking water taps.
  3. Sterilisation with chemicals
    Products like CleanOxide can be used to sterilise water tanks. Although this adds chemical content to your water, it is only temporary as most of the chemicals will dissipate within a few days. Additionally, the carbon filter in stage two of the whole house filter system listed above will adsorb any remnant chemicals before they can enter your home.


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