Town Water Under Sink Conversion Filter Kit




QMP WC04 Kit is a QMP housing & WC04 carbon block filter conversion kit

Can be used on most brands of under sink water filter systems using 1/4″or 3/8″ tubing.

Ideal for converting old Amway E84 or E85 filter systems. Use the 3/8″ fitting option for the E84 and E85 systems

Convert Everpure S-54 3/8″ tubing systems and other models to a more standard size filter which will cost a lot less to replace than original filters.

Insinkerator HC100 1/4″ tubing systems, F-701R & F-801R Also used to convert Parbury, Snapseal water filters and Amway filtration systems.

Remove the tubing from any existing filter system and push into the new system and your ready to go.

Quality QMP housing with spanner and mounting bracket & screws. The WC04 0.4micron carbon block filter tested to reduce crytosporidium & Giardia also reduces heavy metals.

Recommended filter replacement is 12 months.

Housing dimensions are 285mm x 120mm this is without the bracket.

Please check the tubing size used on your system and choose from the product options below.

If you are unsure or your system uses stainless steel braided lines, please contact us.

Please choose your tubing size in the Product Options. Extra tubing is available under the Taps & Tubing category if you need to move the system.  

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