5231JA2006A LG Fridge Water Filter


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The LG 5231JA2006A & 5231JA2006B water filters are found inside the fridge cabinet on the ceiling running from back to the front.

Looking for a cheaper alternative, then look below for the substitute filter EcoAqua EFF-6003A filter

5231JA2006A LG Premium Cuno Fridge Water Filter. The LG 5231JA2006A, LG 5231JA2006B, 5231JA2005A and LT600P are some of the different part numbers that these filters replace.

Dimensions are 306mm overall x 55mm Wide

Capacity of 1135 litres Recommended replacement every 6 months.

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.


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