Reverse Osmosis Kit for Converting a Standard Twin System to RO



Convert a standard twin under sink water filter system to a 190 Lpd Reverse Osmosis system with storage tank.

If you need to convert a twin water filter system to a Reverse Osmosis system we have an upgrade kit that is very simple to install on top of your existing twin filtration system or simply choose a twin water filter system from our range and we can make the complete kit up for you.

The kit includes a membrane housing with a 190 Lpd membrane, flow restricter, auto shut-off valve, waste line and drain clamp, 12 litre steel pressure storage tank with shut-off tap and an in-line GAC polishing filter complete with mounting clips.

Tank dimensions are 365mm including stand and top thread x 270mm wide.

Tank can stand up or be laid on the side in the base plate if height is a problem.

Includes fitting instructions – all fittings and tubing items are connected with labels for easy installation.

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