2kg of Silver Impregnated GAC Activated Coconut Carbon



2kg bag of Granular/Pellet Activated Silver Impregnated Coconut Carbon for water filters.

Silver carbon is used in filters with long periods between servicing and in filters that are used on untreated water supplies like rain water tanks and poor quality town supplies.

The silver carbon will stop bacterial growth in the filter cartridges which will also help stop bad odours.

Manufactured by a steam activation process produces a very high activated carbon.

Save money by making your own water filters.

Silver carbon will remove Over Spray & Fall Out, Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste & Odours greatly improving water quality.

Average mesh/pellet size is 1mm-1.5mm

We sell empty filter cartridges to fit standard 10″ housings and large empty cartridges to suit Big Blue & Big White housings for bigger flow rates. These cartridges can be refilled using GAC.

Also available in Bulk bags please contact us if you require a Bulk bag.

Material Safety Data Sheet Silver GAC P2587 CWF COCSL60 SDS

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