Washing Machine Water Filter Kit


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QMP-WM-Filter Kit

Complete washing machine water filter kit. If you have a problem with dirty washing water or you need to reduce chemicals then you need this water filter system.

Easy to install, remove the cold water hose from the tap and connect to the outlet side of the filter.

Supplied in the kit is a 3/4 tap fitting (3/4 bsp measures 25mm across) to screw onto the cold water tap, a quick connect tube fitting and 1.5 metres of high pressure tubing run down and connect using a quick connect fitting to the inlet side of the filter. It’s that easy to have clean washing. Filter can stand on the floor beside the machine.

Heavy duty USA made filter housing with a replaceable filter cartridge.

Option 1 is Sediment and dirt system with a 1025PS5 5 micron poly spun sediment which will reduce Sediment, Dirt, Rust, Algae & most suspended sediment, depending on your water quality filters will last between 3-9 months approximately.

Option 2 is a Chlorine and chemical reduction filter AP1025KDF/GAC depending on your water quality filters will last up to 12 months.

Option 3 if you have heavy sediment and need chemicals. This is a twin filter system using both of the above filters.

Housing spanner and mounting bracket included.

Single filter systems are 325mmH x 200mmW including fittings x 125mmD

Twin filter systems on a mounting bracket are 325mmH x 300mmW including fittings x 125mmD


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