Enclosed Whole of House Filter and UV system HPF-UV


WaterMark Certified and approved HPF-UV System Treats Raw, Rain, Tank Water for Households enclosed in a durable Australian Made Tamper-Resistant & Weather-Proof 304 Brushed Stainless-Steel Enclosure to Protect Your System. Safe water from every tap in the house to protect you and your family.


The High Performance Filtration HPF-UV is a premium whole house water filtration system which filters 100% of water coming into your home. 

Suitable for both rain tank water and  chlorinated water supplies. Give you protection and peace of mind, knowing that the water from every tap in the house is safe to drink.

Reduces and controls a wide range of contaminants including bacteria, viruses, cyst parasites (cryptosporidium, giardia, cyclospora), chlorine, bad taste/odour, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and much more.

System features a premium 304 housing which protects the UV steriliser and housings from weather / UV damage. Free standing, which makes irt suitable for installation in a wide range of locations.

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HPF-UV – Features

  • Stainless Steel Cover
    Durable Australian Made, Tamper-Resistant & Weather-Proof 304 Brushed Stainless-Steel Enclosure to Protect Your System from the harsh Australian weather.
  • Stainless Steel UV Chamber
    Corrosion Resistant Electropolished 304 Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Sanitation Chamber
  • Tempered Glass Viewing Window
    Ultra-Strong Tempered Glass Panel to Easily View & Safeguard Electrical Components and Pressure Gauges
  • Works at High Flow Rates 
    Fine Filtration and Fast Acting Sanitisation Kills 99.9% of Parasites, Bacteria & Viruses at High Volume Flow Rates
  • Watermark Certified
    Watermark Certified to Australian Plumbing Standards AS/NZS 3497, which means it has been shown to meet Australian standards and can be legally installed by any licensed and registered plumber.
  • Easy installation and maintenance
    Quick and Straightforward Installation and ease of maintenance once installed.

HPV-UV – What’s In The Box

  • Stainless steel housing

    • 304 Stainless steel
    • Australian made
  • Big Blue Twin Filter System (Pre-Installed)

    • 2 x Big Blue Filter Housings in 20″ x 4.5″ 
    • 2 x Pressure Gauges
    • 1 x 2045PW5nom- Premium 5 micron pleated washable sediment filter. 
    • 1 x 2045SilverGAC – Silver impregnated Coconut GAC carbon filter. (6-12 months. Can be refilled if required) 
  • High Output UV System

    • 1x Corrosion Resistant Electropolished 304 Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Sanitation Chamber (Pre-Installed)
    • 1x H7-90-Lamp – 48W High Output UV Lamp, 4 Pin 436mm length (12 month replacement)
    • 1x H7-90-Thimble – Quartz Thimble 470mm length
    • 2x GT7-2NSF-OR – O-Rings 23mm outer diameter
    • 1x H7-90-PS – Certified Ballast 42-105W with a standard 3 pin Australian Plug + Earthing Cable 
    • Earthing: Before operating this unit, it must be earthed. Simply attach the supplied earthing cable connected to the chamber to an earthing rod.
    • HPF-UV_Instructions_Warranty_AUG22  Warranty and installation sheet

Other filter combinations available on request.

Due to the size of these systems, delivery costs can vary. Please contact us for a quote.

Installation notes

  • UV systems are not designed to be turned on and off. Doing this may shorten your lamp life. Lamps should be changed every year. The lamp may still be working, but after 1 year, the power may not be able to kill all bacteria. The Quartz thimble should be replaced every 2 years. If hardness is high it is recommended to service and clean the UV thimble every 6 months or as required to remove and scale that may build up.
  • If your system has plastic ports do not use pipe dope or other liquid thread sealers. Use only Teflon tape to seal threaded connections.

HPF-UV Specifications

  • Connection size: Inlet: 1″ BSP Female and Outlet: 1″ BSP Male OR 3/4″ BSP Female
  • Dimensions:  87cm H x 61cm W x 22cm D
  • Operating Pressure: 20 psi (140 kPa) – 70 psi (500 kPa) (Install a PLV if pressure is over 500 kPa – Please contact us in this case)
  • Operating Temperature: 1°C – 50°C (protect from freezing temperatures)
  • UV System Dosage + Flow Rates:
    • 40mJ/cm² @ 75L/Min
    • 30mJ/cm² @ 105L/Min

HPF-UV Replacement Parts

  • Sediment Filter (As required, usually after 18 months):
  • Carbon Filter (6-12 monthly):
  • UV System:
    • Lamp (12 Monthly)
    • O-rings (2 required, change when changing lamp)
    • Thimble (As required, clean when replacing lamp, replacement usually after 2-3 years)
    • Ballast (As required)

Want to learn more about whole home water filtration and UV Sterilisation?
Read our blog post:  The Ultimate Guide to Whole House Water Filter Systems


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