Quartz Thimble H7-90-Thimble 470mm x 23mm OD Suits H7-90-AT UV Systems


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Suits H7-90-AT High Performance Filter Systems (HPF-UV).

Thimble 470mm long x 23mm OD

Open one end and domed the other end.

Requires 2 x GT7-2NSF-OR o-rings

UV System Maintenance Notes

Ultraviolet systems are rated based on a dosage level of UV-C radiation into the water (mJ/cm²), with 30mJ/cm² being the standard level of disinfection and a minimum dose of 40mJ/cm² required to comply with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Our lamps are rated with a 9000 hour (1 year) lifespan, after which point the lamp will naturally degrade and the level of radiation produced by the lamp cannot be guaranteed.
The UV lamp sits inside a quartz thimble, which protects the electrical components of the lamp from making contact with the water. We specifically use quartz (fused silica) for this application because it is strong, exhibits thermal resistance, and has excellent UV transmission properties.
However, over time, metal ions fused within the silica structure of the quartz thimble interfere with the UV-C radiation produced by the lamp, which reduces the UV transparency of the glass and causes it to become fragile. This process is called solarization.
Tannin, bio-film, algae, and scale can also build up on the outside of the glass thimble, further preventing ultraviolet light produced by the lamp from penetrating through the thimble, and impairing the system’s ability to sanitize the water passing through.
We recommend replacing the lamp every 12 months, and the thimble every 1-2 years and thimble o-rings every time the thimble or sleeve is removed for cleaning.



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