UV Light Water Sterilizers & Parts

Clarence Water Filters Australia has a range of Ultra Violet UV water treatment sterilizing purifiers available to suit most situations. If you need a larger system or have a special application just contact us as we will advise you on the best UV unit for your needs. Small UV systems for under the kitchen sink to Whole of House units to protect from bacteria, Viruses and Parasite bugs in untreated water supplies like Rainwater Tanks, Dams, Creeks, Rivers, Groundwater and Bore water. Larger Ultra Violet water treatment systems are available for commercial and industrial installations. We carry a range of UV spare parts replacement germicidal UV lamps, o-ring seals, quartz sleeves and thimbles, power supply ballasts etc. Just some of the brands of units and parts we stock are, Aqua Pro, Radfire, Sterilight, Raindance, Aquapure, IBC, Cuno, R Can, Hydrosafe, UV Guard and more.