POU Water Cooler or Chiller inline filter installation kit


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This POU water cooler and fridge water filter connection kit.

Kit allows you to move the filter into a more accessible location, with it’s 5 metres of tubing the filter can be placed above or beside the cooler or fridge in the cupboards. Easy to install with push-in tube fittings. Filter will reduce Sediment, rust, chemicals, chlorine, trihalomethanes, bad taste & odours. Replacement filter 10JG5M

Optional K2586 GAC plus scale inhibitor cartridge is also available for hard water areas.

POU FILTER KIT – Includes 1/2″ Bsp female tap connector, 1/4″ tube joiner, 5 metres HD Tubing, 350kPa PLV and a 10JG5M inline Granular Activated Carbon filter with 2 x mounting clips.

This US made quality 5 micron filter removes sediment, algae, chlorine, chemicals, taste and odours for 12 months [up to 6,000L]

Dimensions of filter are 250mm x 50mm Capacity of up to 6000 litres



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