5 Micron Cellulose Phenolic Resin Bonded 10″ High Temp Filter


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Contact us for availability as 3M have stopped producing many of their cartridges.

Alternatively the the Flow-Klean cartridges are readily available by clicking the link below.

Flow-Klean Filters

3M G78B3-1N Phenolic resin bonded ribbed filters. B 3 5 Micro-Klean Cellulose filter.

Sold per filter.

The design of the filters allows for greater surface area.

These 9 3/4″ filters fit all standard 10″ filter housings.

Cellulose high temp and high flow rate filter cartridge, excellent dirt holding capacity.

Laboratory testing and extensive field experience has shown that, compared to competitive products of equally reported retention ratings, Micro-Klean III cartridges can hold up to 2 or more times the contaminant by weight. The grooved face provides nearly 50% more surface area than ungrooved or wrapped cartridges for greater contaminant loading capacity. Additionally, the manufacturing process of Micro-Klean III Series filters creates significant void volume within the internal matrix to increase loading capacity.

Applications include, paints, inks, Emulsions, Adhesives, Resins, Organic Solvents, Coolants, lube oils, Broad Chemical Compatibility, Pesticides, Fertilizers and general Manufacture Processes.

Not suitable for uses in Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical applications.

5 Micron

Max temp 121 degrees C

Dimensions are 248mm x 65mm

Sku 1025RB5-CF

Sold as single filters

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