Inline P-808 Scale Inhibitor Filter




P-808 Scale reduction in line water filter.

Long life slow dissolving polyphosphate filter will last up to 12 months depending on water conditions.

Ideal for protecting equipment from scale build up from lime scale.

The polyphosphate does not remove scale instead it helps stop the scale from binding together to stop the scale build up.

Applications include hot water systems in caravans and RV’s, Washing machines etc..

High flow rate of 36 LPM with zero pressure drop.

The filters have 3/4″ bsp female threaded inlet and 3/4″ Bsp male threaded outlet, also available in the product options are filters with reusable click on hose fittings or 12mm John Guest tubing quick connect fittings to suit high pressure tubing.

Overall length of filters including any fittings.

Filter with No fittings 182mm x 50mm

Filter with Click on hose fittings 227mm x 50mm

Filter with 12mm JG fittings 265mm x 50mm

These filters fit the 50mm plastic mounting clips.

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