Kitchen tap to counter top dishwasher

Kitchen Tap to Bench Top Dishwasher Diverter



Product Description

The diverter valves screw on to your kitchen tap spout allowing you connect a bench or counter top dishwasher to the spout.

With these diverters you do not need to remove the hose every time you are finished with the dishwasher.

When the knob is pushed in, hot and cold water goes into the sink, when the knob is pulled out all the water is divertered to your dishwasher or other appliance and will stay on until you turn the cold water tap off to release the pressure, this allows you to switch back to sink water quickly.

The diverter has a 21mm female thread to suit standard older kitchen spouts that have a male thread once you remove the bottom aerator from the spout. Most newer flick mixer taps have a 24mm female once the aerator is removed so you will need the 899 adaptor.

The outlet side of the diverter uses 3/8″ tubing to a 3/4″ (25mm across) male thread to suit standard dishwasher and washing machine hose ends.  

899 adaptors and longer tubing are available in the Product Options.

Note the water to the dishwasher must be turned off to release pressure when not in uses.

Just contact us if you need different fittings or need to connect your appliance in the laundry.