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Waterworks Australia

Clarence Water Filters is one of Australia’s leading stockists of Water Works products, including:

  • Waterworks Australia Point Of Use Chillers
    A POU unit obtains water directly from a standard 1/2″ water line, common found in Australian homes and offices. As water is used from the chiller, the tank is automatically refilled by the unit. The ideal system for busy offices and homes.
  • Waterworks Australia Under Sink Chillers
    Under Sink Chillers are compact units designed to sit beneath a kitchen sink. They are simple to install and can use affordable inline water filters like the 10JG5M.
  • Waterworks Australia Bottle Chillers
    Bottle chillers have a refillable water bottle on the top of the unit, which flows through a water filter and into a chiller. Can also be used with disposable water jugs. A great option for when a water outlet isn’t nearby.
  • Waterworks Australia Water Filters
    We supply the full range of Waterworks Australia filters, which are compatible with their water chillers.
  • Waterworks Australia Water Bubblers
    High-quality bubblers designed for schools, offices and government buildings.
  • Waterworks Australia Taps
    They offer a wide range of taps for chillers and sinks.

About Waterworks Australia

Waterworks Australia is a proudly Australian-owned company founded in Brisbane in 1986.

Over the years, they have grown from a small operation into one of the country’s leading suppliers of water chillers, water filters and related products.

Similar to Clarence Water Filters, Waterworks Australia is focussed on providing on outstanding customer service and a wide range of quality products.

The quality of their business is reflected by their strong reputation and loyal customer base.

Today, Waterworks Australia is now one of the largest wholesale distributor of water dispensers and associated products throughout Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

Why We Recommend Waterworks Australia Products

At Clarence Water Filters, one of our core goals is to only stock high-quality products made by reputable manufacturers. Here are a few reasons why continue Waterworks Australia helps us meet that goal:

  • High-quality products
    Waterworks Australia has a very high standard when it comes to the products they import and manufacture.
  • Certain products assembled in Australia
    Waterworks assembles several of their products in their factory in Brisbane. This is one of the reasons why they can stand behind the quality of the good they offer — they assembled them themselves!
  • Excellent warranties
    Waterworks Australia offer lengthy warranties for all of their products. Most under sink chillers, bottled chillers, and POU chillers have 3 year warranties, while bubblers usually have 12 months.
  • Great Customer support
    We strive to work with suppliers that are responsive and knowledgeable. Waterworks Australia truly fits that bill. Whenever we need additional information about one of their products or need to determine when new stock will be arriving, they are happy to give us more detail.

Popular Waterworks Australia Products

Here are a few of our best selling products from Waterworks Australia. If you need any information on any of these products, click their link or get in touch with us today!

LB-JS05 Filter Bottle Cartridge
Water Works LB-JS05 and F-RB3C Water Bottle Replacement Filter suits SFB3 filter bottles. These Filters also fit the Oval shaped Filter Bottles SFB3 & Aquacooler C-155.

B26C Cold Water Dispenser & Filter Bottle (B5C)
Waterworks B26C cold water dispenser has replaced the B5C. Refined and durable, these systems have a captivating modern style. They are engineered to the highest quality, dependability and service and are one of the most trusted brands in Australia. Comes with a 3 Year comprehensive warranty.

C12E Remote Under Sink Water Chiller (IC8)

The IC8 / C12E Waterworks Compact Remote/under-sink chiller is designed for use with water filter purification systems to supply water to a drinking water tap or bubbler. It can be conveniently installed under a sink or bench or anywhere that suits. Suitable for domestic or small office applications. See the Optional Accessories below for Filter and Tap Kits to suit most situations.

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