Standard Size 2.5" Filter Housings

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Water Filter Housings

Clarence water filters one of the leading suppliers of water filter housings and housing parts in Australia.

We stock a wide range of products including filter housings by QMP, Aqua-pure, 3M, Pentek, Pentair, and Aqua-pro.

We also have parts for water filter housing parts including:

  • DMFit tube fittings
  • Brass push on hose fittings
  • Water filter housing brackets
  • Water filter housing gauges

Water Filter Housing Types

We stock a huge range of housing types including:

  • 10″ x 2.5″ Water Filter Housings
    The most common water filter housing size. Often used in sink water filter installations or as standalone bench top water filters. Also often used for Point of Entry caravan water filter systems.
  • 20″ x 2.5″ Water Filter Housings
    Longer units which can handle higher flow rates. Sometimes used for whole of house installations on smaller residences and for applications with moderate flow rate requirements.
  • 10″ x 4.5″ Water Filter Housings 
    Short, squat units which can also be used on small home installations.
  • 20″ x 4.5″ Water Filter Housings (Big Blue and Big White)
    The gold standard for whole house filtration. Often used in single, twin, or triple stage setups, where several types of contaminants need to be removed from the water.
  • Bag Filter Housings 
    Perfect for removing sediment at very fast flow rates. Available in a range of sizes.
  • Vessels
    Capable of holding a variety of different media types including carbon, glass, calcite, corosex, and more. Normally used when very high flow rates need to be supported or a lot of contact time is needed.

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Water Filter Housings Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Water Filter Housings?

A water filter housing is a vessel which holds water filter cartridges, filter bags, or filter media.

Housings are design to accept incoming water and direct it through whatever filter it holds.

Filter Housings come in a wide range of designs and sizes. While most are made from plastic, there are also stainless steel models available for industrial and maritime applications.

Can You Help Me Find The Right Filter Housing?

Absolutely! If you need any assistance, please contact us at or give us a call on 02 6646 8565.

What Size Are Under Sink Filter Housings?

Most under sink uinits are 10″ x 2.5″ housings. However, there is a lot of variance in terms of port sizes, filter head, and thread types.

Most under sink units use double open ended filter housings. However, some older units might have filters with a threaded end or a single open end. That’s why it’s always advisable to examine the filter itself before buying a new housing.

What Are Cartridge Filter Housings?

Cartridge filter housings have sumps which are screw onto a filter head. The sump contains a cartridge filter, while the head has controls water flow. The water filter system’s inlet and outlet are usually on the head.

In most cartridge housings, the water will enter one side of the head before flowing into the sump. Water flows through the cartridge and back up to the outlet on the filter head. 

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