10″ PES Sterilizing Grade 0.2 micron Pleated Membrane Filters


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PES Microbiological stability sterilizing grade 0.2 micron pleated filters SPESH0020011S1S and SPSHSM0022DOE10S

250mm x 70mm SPESH-002B 0.2 micron (suits standard filter housings)

These PES filter Cartridges are specially designed to provide high particle removal efficiency and superior flow rates at an economical cost. Hydrophilic PES membrane cartridges require no pre-wetting and are ready to use which assures cost effectiveness while maintaining excellent performance in beverage and inline applications. Wine production, bottle washing, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetic manufacture.

Inherently hydrophilic PES membrane provides broad chemical compatibility.

Reliable Microbiological control with Absolute rated for a precise particle reduction.

The primary purpose of a membrane filter cartridge in filtration is to effectively control spoilage microorganisms.

Each element is individually Integrity Tested

The Integrity Test is a non-destructive test that can be performed by the user to ensure the filter is installed correctly and ready for operation.

Bubble point 0.32MPa

Maximum Temperature 90°C

Max Differential Pressure 4bar / 21°C or 2.4bar / 70°C

Steaming Sterilize (Autoclave) 121°C / 30min

Hot Water Sterilize 85°C / 30min

Food and Biological Safety

Meets the requirements for food contact in European Regulation (EC) number 1935/2004

Extractables < 30mg per 10 inch

Endotoxins < 0.25 EU/mL

Materials of Construction

Polyethersulfone filter medium (pleated)

Polypropylene cage and support (DOE double open end)

Silicone end seals (top and bottom)

Other part numbers that this filter maybe suit to replace are, SPESH0020011S1S, PES-975-0.2-DOE, 0.2-10P2E, LME-9-0.2-10-S, LMB-9-0.2-10-S, DOE PES 0.2, SPSHSM0022DOE10S

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