12 volt Ultra Violet Water Sterilizing System 10 watt SLT1-12v



12 volt 10 watt UV light water treatment system.

Can easily be installed after any existing water filter system that has a 5 micron pre filter before the UV system.

Ideal for caravan’s, RV’s and for travelers to make safe drinking water when away from home.

No micro organisms are known to be immune to Ultra Violet light , it’s effective against bacteria, mould, fungal spores, viruses & yeasts. This UV sterilization system represents an economical yet effective solution to water sterilization without the use of chemicals and has a high flow rate. There is a very real risk of contamination in drinking water from bores, tanks & rivers throughout Australia with even some town supplies carry bacteria & Cysts, Giardia & Cryptosporidium.

It is recommended to have a 5 micron sediment filter before any UV system so the lamp’s protective sleeve does not get covered with sediment build up also by removing the sediment all bacteria comes in contact with the Ultra Violet light. Water enters from one end and is spiralled around the Stainless Steel vessel for maximum contact time before leaving the outlet port. Depending on your water supply this unit may only need one easy service a year where you remove the lamp protective quartz thimble and wipe clean for best light output.

Lamps are recommended to be replaced every 12 months to keep the system working at peak bacteria killing performance. The lamp is connected to the lamp using a 40021-C 12v Ballast.

Lamps are easily replaced by sliding the new lamp inside the quartz thimble.

The UV vessel is made from 304 Stainless Steel rated at 120psi

These systems can be mounted vertically or horizontally as well using the C shape mounting clips supplied.

The UV vessel has 1/4″ bsp male inlet & outlet ports. 2 x 1/4″ female thread to 1/4″ tube elbows included.

Dimensions 280mm x 75mm

Maximum killing capacity flow rate of 3.8 Lpm in poor quality water and maximum flow rate up to 6 Lpm in better quality water.

12v ballast cord and plug 10 watt 4 pin lamp.

1 Year warranty on S/S chamber and 1 year on ballast, subject to usage. Not suitable for saltwater applications.

A 5 micron per-filter must be install before the UV light to remove dirt and sediment to expose any bacteria to the UV light for treatment. 

As these systems have a quartz inner thimble and a glass UV lamp it is recommended to protect from harsh vibration or dropping when travelling. This may include removing the UV lamp from the quartz thimble when travelling.

Replacement lamp Part No: UV Lamp 10w 4P F (11010)

Replacement ballast 40021-C

Replacement Quartz Thimble Part No. 21106

Replacement thimble o-ring seal Part No: 31003

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