40 Watt 4 Pin UV Lamp 40w 4P F 11040


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UV Lamp 40w 4P F

Replacement 40 watt UV Lamp with 4 pins at one end.

Part numbers that these lamps replace or fit are APUV-1015, 11040, F10-14 / UV12, 10202-L48, ENR QUR 001-0403052, GT7-8G, HG9049-L37, UV130-40. 840N2/5, 39watt UV G36T5L/4, GXO-860L, L-GXO860L, GPH843T5L/4P, 001-0403052, GPH840N/S

Davey Steriflo 75-25

IBC Defender 35 and Defender 65 lamp code UV-GXO860L

Wonder Steriliser E720, GPH840N2/S, UV130/40, UV75-25, UV40-20, SF2500S, SF800S, SF900S, SF940S, GPH843T5 / 40w

Dimensions 850mm (including pins) x 18.5mm

Suits 39 watt and 40 watt SLT40, Radfire R2700, R5000, RL4, R11000, UViFLO 4000,  UV Guard and many others.


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