640565 Substitute for Bosch EcoAqua EFF-6026B


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EcoAqua EFF-6026B substitute fridge filter for Bosch 640565 WSB-1, CS-52, 5586605 water filters.

Double action filter reduces Dirt, Sediment and Chemicals, Chlorine, Bad Tastes & Odours.

The EFF-6026B filter replaces the following filters and old part numbers. 640565, WSB-1, CS-51, CS-452, CS-450, B20CS5 55866-05, 55866-06, 56932, B20CS50SN, B20CS80SN, EVOLFLTR10,  7002002518, 1257074 AP3961137, 41-SRC-121, D348T, 51000, 52000, A3961137, WHCF-R-PLUS, WHKF-R-PLUS 

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.


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