Caravan and RV LED 12V UV Water Sterilizer 4 Lpm



Powerful LED 12V and 240V Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer which destroys 99.99% of pathogens and bacteria.

The LED-4R UV is a revolutionary new product ideal for travellers who sometimes use untreated water from tanks, bores, lakes, and rivers.

It uses powerful beams of LED ultraviolet light to neutralise 99%+ of all pathogens potentially found in untreated water, including bacteria, protozoa, viruses, cryptosporidium, cyclospora, e. coli, and algal spores.

It makes your water safe to consume, helping you to stay healthy as you travel around Australia in your caravan or RV.

Uses energy-saving LED lights which can sterilise over 1 million litres of water before the unit needs to be replaced. Comes with a digital counter, so you know when your LED lights are no longer effective.

Works on 12v DC and 240v AC, which makes it perfect for Caravans and RVs alternating between batteries, solar power, and mains power. It is the most advanced 12v UV water filter on the market.

The compact form factor makes it suitable for installation in confined spaces.

It is always recommend to use a sediment filter 5 microns or smaller before the steriliser to remove sediment particles which might block the UV light. There are complete parameters of operation listed below. 

12V LED Water Steriliser Key Features

  • Kills Virtually All Pathogens
    The 12V UV Led Water Steriliser will destroy 99.99% of pathogens including E.Coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Long Lifespan
    LED lights have a much greater life span than traditional Argon/Neon gas UV globes.
    In fact, the LED-4R UV will provide over 1 million litres of safe drinking water before is needs to be replaced.
  • Compact Form Factor
    The small size of the LED-4R UV makes it perfect for under sink installations in caravans and RVs. You could even place it in a cupboard or an enclosed external location. It comes with 1/4″ tube connections, which can connect directly to a dedicated drinking water tap.
  • Cost Effective Water Sterilisation
    With low power consumption and no replacement globes/sleeves/thimbles to worry about, the LED-4R UV is an extremely cost effective option.
  • Only Consumes Power When Being Used
    Traditional Argon/Neon Ultraviolet lamps are designed to stay on 24 hours a day as frequently switching them on/off can shorten their lifespan. This isn’t true of LED UV Systems as they can be turned off and on without any changes to lifespan. To take advantage of this fact, the 12V LED Steriliser has an integrated flow switch which automatically turns the LED array on and off.
  • Reaches required UV intensity instantly
    The LED UV lights flick on instantly, immediately sanitising the incoming water.
  • Provides years of safe drinking water
    LED lights have incredible longevity, which means the unit is capable of processing over 1 million litres of water.
  • LED life timer
    The unit comes with a handy timer that indicates when the system needs to be replaced.
  • Compact design
    The unit has a very compact design which makes it simple to fit into tight spaces. 
  • LED technology does not heat up water
    Traditional UV Sterilizers have high heat output from the UV globe. This can result in the water inside of the unit becoming warm. LED’s barely emit any heat, which means your water will stay cool and enjoyable to drink.
  • No Delicate Quartz or Glass Lamps To Break
    Another downside of a traditional UV steriliser is that it contains quartz and glass lamps. These components are very fragile and easy to break when you are in the process of changing lamps. The 12V LED Steriliser doesn’t have any fragile quartz/glass pieces which need to be removed from the unit.
  • ¼” quick connect push in tube fittings
    The 12V UV LED Steriliser has 1/4″ push-in fittings on both ends. This makes installation extremely simple as you’ll just need to push the tubing into both ends.
  • Stainless Steel mounting bracket
    Solid mounting bracket which will last for years.
  • 4 Lpm Flow rate
    4 litre per minute flow rate means you can fill up large drinking vessels in a matter of minutes.

12V LED Water Sterilizer Applications

The 12V LED Water Sterilizer is ideal for usage in many different applications, including:

  • Home Installations
    Suitable for installation at home or office using the 240v AC power adapter supplied. The longevity of the unit and its simply design make it a very cost effective water sterilization option.
  • Caravans and RVs
    Ideal for caravans and RV’s as it does not take up much space and can be used on 240v
  • Suitable for installation at home or office using the 240v AC power adapter supplied.
  • Ideal for caravans and RV’s as it does not take up much space and can be used on 240v with AC adapter or can be connected to 12V DC using the 2 wire lead supplied.
  • Also available are 12v Cigarette Lighter Plug & Lead
  • Off-Grid Living and Remote Camping 
    If you are living off-grid and are on battery or solar power, the 12V LED UV Sterilizer is a wonderful water treatment option as it uses a tiny amount of power during normal operation.

12V LED Water Steriliser Advantages

  • Ultra Low Power Consumption 
    LED (Light Emitting Diode) UV disinfection systems deliver incredible levels of energy efficiency, reliability and operational life. They produce low levels of heat and can be turned on and off frequently without impacting performance.
  • No Mercury (Better for you and the environment) 
    Because our 12v UV water filter uses LEDs for disinfection, there is no risk of exposure to mercury, which is sometimes found in traditional ultraviolet globes.
  • Small Form Factor
    The small footprint of the design is much more compact compared to conventional UV systems with a similar capacity, because of the size it is easier to install in tight spaces.
  • Helps You Avoid Toxic Chemicals
    Using a 12V LED Water Steriliser means you can safely consume tank and bore water as you travel. This helps you avoid chlorine, chloramines, and toxic disinfection by-products like Trihalomethanes which are often found in town water.


  • Mounting bracket size: 170mm x 98mm
  • Height of system: 82mm including S/S bracket and S/S UV chamber


  • UVT >90%
  • Max pressure 8 Bar
  • input voltage 12-24V (240v AC adapter included)
  • input power 8 watts
  • Operating water temp 0-45°C
  • Connections ¼” push fittings
  • Service life 5000 hours
  • Flow switch built in

The LED-4R UV system is designed to treat water that is of a particular quality. If the incoming water does not meet the following requirements a pre filter will be required.

Note: Water supplied to the UV system must be filtered down to 5 microns. A 5 micron sediment pre-filter should be installed before the unit. If using heavily sedimented water, a 20 micron sediment filter, followed by a 5 micron will extend the lifespan of your sediment filtration.

Parameters of operation

The 12V LED Steriliser is effective on water that meets the following parameters:

  • Hardness <120 mg/L
  • Manganese <0.05 mg/L
  • Iron <0.3 mg/L
  • Operating water temp 0-45°C
  • Turbidity <1NTU
  • Tannins < 0.1 mg/L


  • 1 Year from the date of purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

What Contaminants CAN The LED-4R UV Remove?

UV Sterilisers can kill or incapacitate a range of microbiological contaminants commonly found in untreated water:

  • Bacteria including e coli. and Legionella
  • Viruses
  • Cyst Parasites including cryptosporidium, giardia, and cyclospora
  • Protozoa
  • Algal spores

What Contaminants CAN'T The LED-4R UV Remove?

Ultraviolet sterilisation does not remove:

  • Sediment
  • Chemicals
  • Hormones
  • Bad tastes/odours

To remove these types of contaminants, you will need to use a combination of sediment and carbon filtration.

It is usually a good idea to incorporate both sediment and carbon filters when using untreated water, as they will dramatically improve the quality of the water.

5 micron sediment filtration is required before the UV sterilizer to ensure pathogens cannot hide behind sediment particles.

What Sediment Filtration Options Are Available?

As mentioned in the product description, you will need to filter out sediment above 5 microns in size. This helps to ensure that pathogens are unable to hide from UV light exposure by hiding behind sediment particles.

You can filter the sediment particles inside the caravan just before the UV system using a point of use filter or outside the caravan/RV using a point of entry system. Here are a couple of options:

Point Of Use Filtration

Point Of Entry Filtration

How Do I Install The LED-4R UV?

Installation is a very simple process.

If you already have a dedicated tap in place, it most likely uses 1/4″ tubing (6mm outer diameter). Simply cut into the tubing and insert the ends into the inlet and outlet of the unit. Mount it on the wall and connect to power. That’s all you need to do.

If you don’t have a dedicated tap or any filtration currently installed, considering purchasing a Genuine 3M™ Under Sink Caravan and RV Water Filter System or the Complete Caravan or RV Under Sink Water Filter Kit. They come with all of the fittings you need to tap into 12mm tubing commonly used in caravans and RVs.

If you have a non-standard setup, get in touch with us and we will help you find a solution.

If you are going to be sediment-heavy water from a dam, river, bore, or old water tanks, it is always recommended to have thorough sediment pre-filtration down to 5 microns.

An external pre-filtration unit can be useful in these situations, as you are cleaning up the water before it enters your tank. A couple of popular options are the

What Is LED UV Disinfection?

UV Disinfection uses powerful beams of ultraviolet light to  break down chemical bonds and scramble the structure of DNA, RNA and proteins in microorganism contaminants.

Traditional UV systems use glass or quartz lamps filled with argon, neon and other gasses. There are several downsides of this technology, including the sterilisation capacity of lamps diminishing fairly quickly (usually within 12 months).

LED units use Light Emitting Diodes instead of gas filled lamps. They can deliver much better energy efficient, operational life, and reliability compared to older systems.

LED water sterilisers also produce low levels of heat and no ozone emissions. They are also free of chemicals and the often toxic gasses used in older UV systems.

Why Are LED UV Disinfection Systems Better than Traditional Sterilisers?

There are several advantages of using an LED UV steriliser instead of a traditional UV Steriliser with a gas-filled lamp:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Less Prone To Breakage (No Delicate Glass Lamps)
  • No Toxic Gasses or Chemicals Are Used
  • Can Handle Rugged Conditions In Caravan/RV
  • Compact Size
  • Instant-on



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