Chlorine & Fluoride InLine Water Filter CWF K56KGA


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All in one Sediment, Chlorine and Fluoride CWF K56KGA inline water filter can replace any in-line water filter or be added as a pre-filter to extend the life of internal fridge filters.

Special combination of filter media makes the CWF K56KGA a very versatile filter that can be used in many situations.

First Stage sediment screen to reduce Dirt, Sediment, Rust and Algae.

Second stage is KDF55 Which will reduce active chlorine and also reduces Heavy Metals, Controls Scale and helps inhibit Bacteria growth in the filter.

Third stage is GAC coconut carbon which will reduce Chemicals, Chlorine Bad Taste & Odours and many other contaminates.

Fourth stage is ABA2000 which will reduce Fluoride.

Fifth stage is a final sediment screen. 

Quality USA made water filter is rated to reduce chlorine for up to 9000 litres.

These filters have 1/4″ NPT female threaded inlet & outlets 

Mounting Clips are also available in the product options.

Recommended flow rate 2 Lpm

Reduces over 90% of Fluoride and Chlorine* 

Maximum pressure 125 psi

Recommend service life 12 months or as required.

Dimensions are 310mm x 69mm (without fittings)

Dimensions are 350mm x 69mm (with 1/4″ tube fittings)

Before connecting the outlet side of the new filter, flush for 20 litres to remove air and fines.


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