98210-C PLV 350 and 650 kpa Cuno Multi Function Control Valve


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3m MFCV/PLV Multi Function Control Valve 98210-C 3 in 1 PLV valve. Pressure limiting, Dual Check for back flow, Flow restriction.

The valves include a 3/4″ female and 1/2″ female Bsp inlet thread adaptors to suit both sizes.

Outlet is a 1/4″ Bsp female thread. There are two outlet ports one from the side or the end of the valve.

The end of the valve also has a 3/4″ bsp male thread to connect your dishwasher and the side port can be used for the water filter.

Valves are available in 350 Kpa or 650 Kpa ratings, please choose from the product options above.

WaterMark Certified and approved

98210-C350 and 98210-C650

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