10″ Absolute Rated Pleated Filters Double Open End




Water, Beer and Wine SPP Absolute SPA rated pleated polypropylene filters.

Double Open End Filter with a sealing washer at each end of the filter.

Used to produce high quality water, also used in wine & beer production.

The SPP range of filters can be back washed with warm water if required.

The following micron ratings are available in the product options.

If you require a different micron rating simply contact us.

Synopex SPA0060011P1E, SPA10006B (0.6 micron) 250mm x 70mm

Cobetter APP0120DOE10E (1.2 micron) 248mm x 70mm

Cobetter APP006DOE10E (0.6 micron) 248mm x 70mm

Cobetter APSB0020DOE10E (0.20 micron membrane) 248mm x 70mm Sterilizing Grade Hydrophilic PES Cartridge

Cobetter BFPP-PPB-DOE-10-E (1 micron) 248mm 

Cobetter BFPP-HAH-DOE-10-E (5 micron) 248mm

Min / Max temp 4 – 60 C

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