Complete Hand Held Sprite Shower Filter with Hose & Rose



This is a Complete Shower Filter with Wall Fitting, Hose & Hand Held Filter with a Shower Rose attached. (elbow wall fitting pictured is not supplied as it is not required)

To install unscrew your shower arm at the wall and screw the new shower attachment in place.

Sprite’s Filter cartridges use a combination of KDF & Chlorgon filtration media reduces Chlorine and Odours The KDF media helps neutralises Chlorine in addition to removing hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell), iron oxides, dirt, sediment and odours.

It’s also pH balanced which will reduce green staining in showers that is caused by pH being too low or high.

Reduce symptoms of chlorine exposure like Eczema, dry irritated and itchy skin, damaged and brittle hair, flaky-itching scalp, redness and burning of the eyes, dizziness after showering.

In a shower the chlorine is vaporized and inhaled into the lungs where it is transported directly into the blood system and transported throughout the body.

Unit includes a Hand Held filter cartridge already installed.

Replacement cartridges are sold in two packs. To replace filter the filter handle opens easily and the cartridge slides in and out. Recommended replacement of hand-held cartridge is every three months.

Filter attachment and hose both have 1/2″ female threads.

Hose length 1800mm

Model HH-CM

9 Litres per minute Lic 1678  AS/NZS 6400

WaterMark Licence 23327  AS/NZS 3662:2013

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