K5566 Omnipure Fluoride Reduction Water Filter


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Omnipure K5566 activated alumina Fluoride reduction inline water filter.

The K5566 fluoride filter can be added inline before any existing filtration system and replaces the K5666 filters.

It is a great option for fluoride removal on fridges as it can be placed before the carbon filter used by your fridge.

The filters have 1/4″ female threads which allows for a wide range of fittings options, in the fitting options simply choose between Female Threads or 1/4″ and 3/8″ push in quick connect John Guest tube fittings.

If you require different fittings please contact us.

Reduces Fluoride at very high levels when new and as a guide in most situations will reduce over 90% of fluoride for the life of the filter, depending on local water conditions.

Omnipure K5566 Fluoride Reduction Filter Specifications

  • Model number: Omnipure K5566
  • Maximum pressure: 125 psi
  • Flow rate: 2 Lpm
  • Capacity: 600 Gal (2160 litres) or 1 year maximum life (depending on the water quality and usage)
  • Dimensions: 260mm x 62mm without fittings

Filter must be flushed for 20 litres before connecting the outlet side to your filter system.

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.


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