L5321 10 Micron Silver Carbon Filter


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10 micron Omnipure L5321-10M Silver Carbon Quick change filter.

Also replaces the following filter part numbers RV Pure 878, RV 100-053 and RV1878

10 micron can handle sediment better which will prolong the service life over a 1 micron L5320 filter.

Made in the USA.

10 Micron rating will reduce Sediment, Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste & Odours.

The Silver impregnated carbon will inhibit bacteria growth in the filter.

Maximum cartridge life is 12 months depending on the water quality.

Chlorine reduction rated for 5670 litres 

Maximum pressure: 125 psi 

Cartridge Dimensions: 175mm height x 62mm diameter

Other filters available in the Omnipure L Series are 5 micron GAC and 5 micron Scale Reduction filters.



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