1125 7″ Ceramic and Carbon In Line 0.9 Micron Filter POH



1125 In Line cleanable 7″ ceramic water filter

The system uses a 7″ Doulton ceramic water filter candle 0.9 Absolute rate filter.

Reduces sediment, rust, algae, chemicals, bad taste, odours and bacteria.

Ceramic filter filled with GAC carbon.

System can be opened to allow cleaning of the ceramic candle inside with a scouring pad when flow is reduced.

Ceramic candle filter can be replaced. Service life up to 12 months.

Can be used as a gravity filter with a flow rate of up to 1.9 LPM depending on the gravity pressure.

Dimensions are 365mm including the hose fittings by 65mm

2 x mounting clips are included so the filter can be mounted vertical with the inlet at the top for the best filtration.

Inlet is at the top and the outlet at the bottom which is the screw cap end of the system.



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