2kgs KOH Carbon 4mm Pellets for Hydrogen Sulfide Air Filters


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2kgs of 4mm diameter KOH impregnated carbon pellets suitable for air purification.

COL-IK 60 KOH impregnated highly activated pelletized carbon manufactured from selected grades of bituminous coal to provide high density and superior hardness.

It is then impregnated with KOH to enhance its capacity for removal of acid gases such as hydrogen sulfide. COL-IK 60 is a popular choice for the removal of sulfide-rich odours typical of municipal sewage treatment, pulp and paper mills, and refineries etc..

Ideal for reducing Nitrogen Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides.

4mm diameter allows good air flow.

Can be used in vent filters and screens on septic tanks, waste water holding tanks on boats.

Reduce the cost of replacing expensive pre made filters by refilling your old filter or make a refillable canister to hold the carbon pellets.

Sold in 2kg bags.

Bulk 25kg bags are available on request.


Particle Size 4.0 mm D-2862-97

Total Surface Area, m2/g 1050 – 1150 N2 BET

H2S Adsorption Capacity 0.14-0.16 g/cc D-6646-03

Apparent Density 0.50 – 0.52 g/cc D-2854-09

31 – 32 lbs/ft3

CCl4 Activity, min. 60 D-3467-04

Hardness, min. 97 % D-3802-10

Moisture as packed, max. 13-15 % D-2867-09

Material safety data sheet COL-IK60 (4mm KOH) Safety Data Sheet

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