5 Micron Grooved 10″ Sediment Filters PCB5-9.875P-G


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PCB5-9.875P-G grooved / ribbed 5 micron depth sediment filters.

Replaces AP110, AP110R, Puretec RB051

The design of the filters allows for greater surface area compared to standard sediment filters.

The filtrafine 9 3/4″ filters fit all standard 10″ filter housings.

Suitable to use as a single filter or as a pre-filter in twin systems. Reduces dirt, rust, algae etc…

PCB series depth filter cartridges are used in a myriad of applications including:

Oil & Gas Processing Amine and glycol, Completion fluids, Waterflood, Hydrocarbon streams

Industrial Plating, Desalination, Process cooling water, strong oxidising acids and bases

Food & beverage Bottled water, Soft drinks, Juice, RTDs, Make-up water bases

Pharmaceutical Pre R/O, Rinse water, Particle control in WFI and APIs

Melt Blown Polypropylene high flow rate and excellent dirt holding capacity.

Max temp 80 degrees C 

Flow rate up to 31 LPM

5 Micron, other micron ratings are available on request.

Dimensions are 250mm x 65mm x 28mm centre core hole.



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