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Brita Purity C1100 Steam quick change filter cartridge decarbonation filter. Protects steam ovens from damaging scale build-up and improves their performance.

The PURITY C Steam filter cartridges, has been specifically designed for combi steamers and ovens.

It protects the fine steam outlets, boilers, and pipework in steam / combi ovens from damaging scale build-up. It works by using ion exchange resin to reduce carbonate hardness of incoming water. The resin also retains harmful metal ions including lead and copper.

Contains carbon to reduce chlorine, which results in food with an improved taste and aroma.

Ideal for:

  • Combi Ovens & steam ovens

Depending on the by-pass setting, calcium, magnesium and metal ions can be selectively reduced from the drinking water during the flow process. In addition to cloudiness and organic pollutants, the filter material also reduces the level of substances impairing smell and taste, such as chlorine residues in the filtrate and in the by-pass water.

Brita C1100 Steam Filtration Stages

  1. Pre-filtration reduces coarse particles
  2. Carbonate hardness reduction an ion exchange reduces the carbonate hardness content and prevents scale deposits
  3. Activated carbon filtration substances that can impair taste and odour are eliminated
  4. Fine filtration retains particles measuring up to 10 µm

Variable head by-pass settings to suit water conditions.

Brita C1100 Steam Setting Features

  • Reduces limescale deposits which can cause machine breakdowns expensive repair costs. The fine steam jets in your steam combi oven remain open for longer.
  • Food is  cooked to its best as harmful chemicals like chlorine are reduced by the carbon inside the filter
  • BRITA’s established easy-to-handle cartridge exchange system makes maintenance a breeze
  • Improved flow rate of up to 300 l/h with 1 bar pressure loss

Brita Purity C1100 Steam Water Filter Specifications

  • Dimensions; 545mm overall x 190mm across
  • Technology: Decarbonization
  • Max. working pressure: 2-8.6 bar
  • Max water temperature: 4-30°C
  • Nominal flow: 300 l/h
  • Connections (input/output): G 3/8”
  • Working position/use: horizontal and vertical / can be used in conjunction with water softening system

Brita Purity C Steam Instruction Manual

Brita Purity C Steam Data Sheet

Brita Purity C Instruction Manual

Brita Water Types Guide



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