Cappuccino and Coffee Machine Water Filter System



Connection kit with HF15 MS filter for Food Service & Catering Equipment protection water filter for Soft to Mid Range Total Hardness ppm.

Micromet scale protection for boilers, elements, flow paths and valves against harmful scale build up saving you money on service calls and break downs.

Ideal for scale protection where the total hardness is lower than 140ppm.

Improved sediment reduction and increased sediment holding capacity will reduces the risk of blockages and ensures the filter maintains a high flow. Removes dirt, rust, sand and fine particles.

Chemical reduction up to 97% of chlorine, organic containments, herbicides, pesticides and most heavy metals. Greater taste improvement for better tea and coffee etc..

Ideal to use with coffee machines and food equipment.

New designed high flow Nep heads which automatically shuts off the water when the filter is removed, making for quick & sanitary filter change overs and minimal down time.

HF15-MS Specifications

  • Micron rating: 5 microns
  • Capacity: 13200 litres
  • Dimensions: 275mm x 105mm not including fittings.
  • Lifespan: 12 months or 1500 kg of coffee.

What’s In The Box?

Kit includes:

  • HF15-MS filter
  • Nep head including fittings and bracket
  • 2 x 450mm long braided stainless steel flex lines (available with 3/8″ or 1/2″ bsp threads).

Please contact us if you require longer hoses or different fittings, as we can make up a kit to suit your situation.


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