Single Bench Top Water Filters


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QMPBT-Bench Top USA made high pressure housing.

Large range of filters option available to reduce sediment, Chlorine, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Chemicals, Sediment, Algae, Bad Taste & Odours.

Producing safe, healthy and great tasting water with the protection from Cysts. Simply attach the diverter valve to your kitchen tap spout by removing the aerator screen, this allows you to switch from filtered water to unfiltered for washing up by turning the diverter lever.

Filter comes with 1 metre of flexible tubing so the filter can be placed away from the working area on the sink. Included is an adaptor to convert the standard female aerator thread to an external male thread to attach the diverter valve.

Supplied with the system is the 899 threaded spout adaptor and spanner.

The inside thread of the diverter valve measures 21mm and this will suit older spouts with a male thread once the aerator is removed.

If your tap spout has an internal thread of 24mm once you remove the aerator you will need to use the 899 adaptor.

Dimensions: 300H x 130W 

Other adapters are available to suit larger threads for out side taps which makes this filter ideal to use at home and when you are traveling. If you need any other fittings just contact us.

Simply choose from these filter options.

Options 1: 1025CB1 Town Water. Budget 1 micron carbon block for town water supplies. 1025CB1 1 micron carbon block filter made in China. Basic filter to reduce sediment and improve taste and odour of water.

Option 2: GTS1-10 For Tank & Town Water USA Made Silver Impregnated 1 micron carbon filter. A great all round filter with an excellent flow.

Option 3: WC04 For Town Water and heavy metals. WC04 American Made Multipure 0.45 micron carbon block filter.

Option 4: UltraCarb For Town & Tank Water. For maximum protection on from bacteria. British Made Doulton Ultra Carb ceramic filter 0.9 micron. When the filter gets dirty and the flow rate is reduced simply clean with a scouring pad under running water to improve the flow.

Option 5: 1025Phos/GAC For town water that has scale or for coffee machines. Reduces chlorine taste and odours and reduces scale built up.

Option 6:  1025 Cerametix 10″ Top of the range cartridge for Town water. Cleanable Ceramic outside and a carbon block core. Reduces Chloramines >99% Bacteria >99.9% Fluoride >92% along with many other contaminates including heavy metals. When the filter gets dirty and the flow rate is reduced simply clean with a scouring pad under running water to improve the flow.

We also have an option to have no filter included if you already have a filter to use or would like to use a different filter than the ones in the options.

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