Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin 1kg bag



1 kg bag of Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin.

Mixed bed Ion Exchange Resin is used to demineralize and reduce TDS (Totally Dissolved Solids) from water.

Used in post RO filters.

Ideal for glass and window cleaning, Car Detailing, Manufacturing and making of demineralised water that is better than distilled bottle water.

Can be used for spot and streak free rinse applications with water poles.

No more white spots on vehicles or boats after washing.

Type 1 Functional Group Sulfonic acid / Quarternary ammonium anionic compound guarantees a high purity silica free water.

Life and capacity of resin will be determined by the raw water quality. It is recommended to have a carbon filter before the resin if using mains supply water that has been chlorinated and a additional sediment pre-filter in in a heavy sediment areas.

Sold in 1kg bags but Bulk 25 Litre bags are available in a different listing.

Gel amber Spherical beads, approximate size 0.42 – 1.2 mm

pH range: 0-14

Approximately 725g to the litre.

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