Omnipure Slim Line Bench Top Filter Systems



Omnipure Quick change Bench Top Water Purifier. Features a slimline style filter with a quick change cartridge that anyone can replace without any tools or having to clean filter housings.

The lever diverter valve screws onto your existing kitchen spout allows the normal washing up hot & cold water straight through and when you want filtered water simply turn the lever and cold water is diverted through the filter.

Comes with 1 metre of flexible tubing which allows for the purifier to be placed anywhere on the sink. Cartridges are sealed, which eliminates the risk of bacterial contamination during filter changes.  

  • Supplied with the system is the 899 threaded spout adaptor.
  • The inside thread of the diverter valve measures 21mm and this will suit older spouts with a male thread once the aerator is removed.
  • If your tap spout has an internal thread of 24mm once you remove the aerator you will need to use the 899 adaptor.
  • Tall chrome spout allows you to fill large waters and kettles.
  • A range of filter options are available below.

Option 1: Omnipure Q5520

A1 micron carbon block filter that will reduce Sediment, Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste & Odours, Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts.

Option 2: Omnipure Q5586

This is a 5 micron GAC carbon and polyphosphate for reduction of Chlorine, Chemicals, bad Taste and odours and Scale reduction to protect equipment like coffee machines and kettles etc.

Option 3: Omnipure Q5567

5 micron Extra high chemical reduction KDF55 and GAC carbon For High Sediment and High Chlorine, Chemicals, bad Taste and odours, Heavy Metal reduction and stops bacterial and bio slim from building up in the filter.

Recommend filter service life is 12 months depending on water quality.

If your water supply has heavy sediment or Bio Slime you will require a different type of system.


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