1kg K-8 Water Softening Cation Resin (P100C)



1kg bag of K-8 Water Softening Cation Resin. K-8 is a Gel Strong Acid Cation Resin for freshwater and food products.

The K-8 resin replaces the P100C resin.

K-8 can be Regenerated. Sodium chloride (salt) is generally preferred for regeneration for reasons of cost and efficiency. 

Specifications Brand Jacobi Resinex
Type Strong acid cation exchange resin
Capacity eq/L 2.00
Water content 45 – 48 %
pH range 0 – 14
Flow rate BV/h 4 – 6
Ionic Form Na+
Form Gel-type amber spherical beads
Functional group Sulfonic acid
Regenerant HCl8 %
Regenerant NaCl10 %
Whole beads > %95
Temp max °F248 Temp max °C120

K-8 Resin can replace P100C and C100E resins

Material safety data sheet K-8 Resin Ssfety Data Sheet 

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