2kgs 4mm Activated Carbon Pellets COL PA-60 for AIR and WATER Purification



2kgs of 4mm diameter coal based activated carbon pellets suitable for air and water.

COL-PA 60 is a highly-active, pelletized carbon manufactured from selected grades of bituminous coal to provide high density and superior hardness. COL-PA 60 is designed for use in a wide variety of air purification and vapor phase applications. Available in industry standard 4mm size, pelletized COL-PA 60 provides reduced pressure drop. In addition, the extraordinary surface area and fine pore structure of COL-PA 60 offers excellent adsorption capacity, making it a popular choice for industrial air cleaning systems, room air purifiers, paint spray booths, odour control systems, etc.

Also ideal for range hoods and ducted filter screens, to reduce chemical fumes and unwanted smells.

Used in Lomi kitchen composters to neutralize garbage odours.

COL-PA60 4mm pellets are not acid washed.

Sold in 2kg bags.

Bulk 25kg bags are available on request.

For air  Air Coal Pellets COL-PA60_datasheet

For water  Water Coal Pellets COL-PA60_datasheet

Material handling safety data sheet COL-PA60 (4mm CTC60) Safety Data Sheet


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