QMP34TUS PS5 Phos/GAC Kit Twin Housing Food Service System

$263.50 $202.50


QMP34TUS-PS5-Phos/GAC-Kit American made housing system with Mega Flow S/S braided flex hoses & fittings for easy connection.
Ideal if you want filtered water using your existing kitchen tap or mixer. Also excellent for commercial kitchens, soft drink dispensers and ice makers in bars at clubs and pubs.
Twin QMP 3/4″ bsp port housings on a white mounting bracket, brass 3/4″ to 1/2″ nipples to allow easy connection to the Mega Flow S/S flex hoses. 1 x 600mm and 1 x 900mm long Mega Flow lines supplied, a 1/2″ bsp nipple is also supplied for connecting to existing hose or mixer. Housing sump spanner included for easy filter replacement.
First Stage is a 1025PS5 poly spun 5 micron sediment filter to reduce sediment, dirt, rust, algae etc.. and prolong the life and flow of the second filter.
Second stage is a 1025PHOS/GAC for food service and scale reduction. 5 micron high flow scale inhibitor filter.

Recommended replacement of filters 6 months depending on water quality and usage.

Dimensions are 375mm high including bracket x 255mm wide plus brass fittings.
Simply contact us if you require other fittings or longer hoses to suit your situation.

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