SofterWater™ ShowerSoft Inline Shower Water Softener


SofterWater™ Showersoft is designed to soften the water coming from your showerhead or bath spout. It reduces scale build-up on your tiles, glass surfaces, taps, and shower heads. The Showersoft also makes it easier to lather soap, which makes showering or bathing a much more enjoyable experience. Ideal for flow rates between 6 and 15 Litres per minute.


SofterWater™ ShowerSoft Water Softener. Designed to reduce scale build-up in your shower and make showering a much much more enjoyable experience.

100% designed and manufactured in Australia
, the SofterWater™ ShowerSoft is a compact inline shower Water Softener which will greatly improve the quality of your water.

What Does It Do?

Water derived from natural water sources like rivers, streams and dams will contain a variety of dissolved minerals and salts.

Some of the dissolved minerals will precipitate from the water when it is heated, forming a hard white mineral crust called limescale. Areas with “harder” water like SA and WA have higher levels of dissolved minerals so experience more severe scale issue.

Because most people use hot water in the shower, taps, showerheads, shower walls and other bathroom fixtures tend to accumulate scale at a rapid rate.

When limescale forms, it can be extremely difficult to remove. It is quite hard so getting rid of it either requires a lot of elbow grease or the use of noxious chemical cleaners.

If ignored, limescale can eventually:

  • Clog up your showerhead, impairing its performance
  • Work its way into taps, potentially causing damage
  • Etch into glass surfaces, causing permanent damage

The SofterWater™ Showersoft is an inline shower water softener designed to reduce limescale build-up from hard shower water.

It can also make your shower behave like it is softer. It will become easier to form a lather and the water won’t be as harsh on your skin or hair. Overall, it makes showering a much more enjoyable experience.

The SofterWater™ Showersoft works using a patented process which changes the electrical charge of dissolved minerals in hard water.

Changing the charge of these scale-forming minerals causes them to clump together in non-sticking colloids. The colloids remain suspended in the water, which reduces their ability to form scale in your bathroom.

As an added bonus, this change makes your shower water behave like it is softer. This means:

  • Forming a lather with soaps and detergents  becomes much easier, which makes showering more enjoyable
  • Your water will have less of a drying effect on the hair and skin, compared to untreated hard water.

These two changes combine to give you softer hair and skin.

The best part — this process does not involve chemicals and does not require electricity. Once installed, the SofterWater™ ShowerSoft will last for many years, if not decades.

Comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty (See manufacturer website for details).

Please continue reading to learn more or get in touch today.

SofterWater™ ShowerSoft Inline Hard Water Softener – Features

  • Inline water softener for showers
  • Flow rates (Litres per minute): Minimum 6 L/min, Average: 10 L/min, Maximum 15 L/min.
  • Standard 1/2″ Male/Female connections. All you need to do is unscrew your existing shower arm and screw the Showersoft onto the 1/2″ male water outlet. Your shower arm is then screwed onto the 1/2″ male end. Can also be used on a 1/2″ braided shower hose.
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • NO Maintenance Costs
  • NO Chemicals Required
  • NO Electricity Required
  • Does not change the taste of your shower water
  • Can break down existing scale in your shower head, as the charged colloids can attract molecules from existing limescale.

SofterWater™ ShowerSoft Water Softener – Manufacturing Process

SofterWater™ ShowerSoft Shower Water Softener – Key Benefits

  • Protects Your Shower Fixtures From Damage
    If you live in a hard water area, you would already know how destructive limescale can be. It can work its way into taps, making them inoperable and cause permanent etching on certain surfaces. The Showersoft will prevent this from happening, helping to extend the lifespan of your bathroom fixtures and keeping it top condition.
  • Softer Water Which Isn’t As Harsh
    Changing the form of the minerals in your water makes it behave like softer water. It won’t be as drying on your skin and hair, and forming a lather with soap will be easier.
  • Simple installation
    Installing the SofterWater™ Showersoft is a simple matter of detaching your shower arm, attaching the water softener to the water outlet, then reattaching the shower arm to the other side of the softener. It couldn’t be easier.
  • Better Performance From Your Shower Head 
    Your shower head won’t be constantly clogging up with hard limescale. This means your shower head will be able to push water from every outlet — giving you a much more enjoyable showering experience.  
  • Easy To Clean Glass Surfaces 
    Any water spots that form on your glass shower screens will be much easier to remove. You can even squeegee your shower screen after showering to keep in constantly clean.
  • No More Scrubbing
    Say goodbye to scrubbing hard limescale from your tiles. Any build-up that occurs will be soft and easy top remove with a standard bathroom cleaning product.
  • Less Soap and Shampoo Required
    The Showersoft makes it much easier to form a lather using detergents and water. As a result, you can reduce the amount of product you use, which can lead to significant savings over the course of a year.

SofterWater™ ShowerSoft Machine Water Softener – How It Works

  1. SofterWater™ units are made using a special foundry process, combining a group of metals on the anode and cathode galvanic scale. This alloy has a non-sacrificial anode, which means it will never need replacement.
  2. As water flows into the unit, it moves through a series of baffles causing intense galvanic reactions.
  3. Most of the minerals in the water are attracted to the sites of these reactions, forming clumps which remain suspended in the water instead of forming scale.
  4. Any scale that builds-up is much easier to remove as it does not form as a hard crust.

It’s important to note that each SofterWater™ unit is designed for a specific flow rate range. The SofterWater™ Showersoft is designed for situations where your flow rate is between 6 and 15 litres per minute. Most showers are in the 8 to 10 litres per minute range, so this is usually ideal.

If you need a larger unit for a faster flow rate, let us know.

SofterWater™ ShowerSoft Hard Water Shower Filter- Specifications

  • Model: SofterWater™ Showersoft
  • Country of origin: Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Thread: 1/2″ BSPP Male/Female Threads
  • Overall Length (mm): 102
  • Housing: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Flow range: 6 to 15 L/min
  • Application: Designed to protect appliances
  • Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. See manufacturer website for details.

SofterWater™ ShowerSoft Hard Water Softener – FAQ

What Type Of Appliances Is This Designed For?

The SofterWater™ Showersoft is designed for showers with a flow rate of between 6  and 7 litres per minute.

However, it could also be suitable for other water consuming appliances within this flow rate.

Do I Still Need A Water Filter?

Installing a water filter is completely optional. If you are concerned about chemicals and sediment in your shower water then additional is a good idea. 

Shower water filters contain media which reduces sediment, chlorine, and bad taste/odour. They can be used to supplement a softener to improve the quality of your water even more. An example of this type of shower head is the Sprite Shower Water Filter.

The other option for filtering the water coming into your home is a Whole House Water Filter. They will remove sediment and chemicals from 100% of the water entering your home. This means you get to enjoy clean water in your laundry, shower, and kitchen.

Does The Showersoft Require Any Maintenance?

No it doesn’t.

One of the main advantages of this technology is that there are no filters or filter media to worry about.

Once installed, you can expect to get many years, if not, many decades of use from it. The alloy and stainless steel housing are resistant to corrosion and very robust.

Does The Internal Alloy Ever Need To Be Replaced?

No, it doesn’t.

The special alloy contained within SofterWater™ conditioners is not a sacrificial anode, which means it does not corrode or lose molecules over time. This means it will technically be capable of lasting for decades.

In fact, there are commercial softening units installed by SofterWater™  over 20 years ago which are still effective today.

Will It Affect My Flow Rate?

No, it will not impact your flow rate.

However, it is important to select the correct unit for your application. Look at the your average/maximum flow rates for each item and compare them to the output of your shower or water consuming appliance.

SofterWater™ ApplianceSoft Hard Water Softener – Testimonials

“As you know, we have a bore feeding into quite a large tank which we then pump to the house with an inline pressure pump.

We were plagued with lime scale from the minute we installed the bore. There was notable build up in all taps, shower heads blocking within a month and the white scale covering everything else.

The evaporative air conditioner we had installed would block in less than 10 days, with the water squirting out the side, not just running down the pads.

We had to use industrial strength de-scaler in the air conditioner and had been told we should never have installed this type of air conditioner.

Since installing a SofterWater Conditioner on the pressure pump and one on the air conditioner we have had fantastic results.”

– Thanks Anne and Glen


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