SofterWater™ T34 Hard Water Softener 24 to 45 LPM 3/4″ BSPT


SofterWater™ T34 Hard Water Conditioner. Protects appliances, machinery, plumbing, fixtures, and surfaces from scale build-up.  Designed for commercial and residential applications where there is a typical water flow rate of between 24 to 45 litres per minute.


SofterWater™ T34 Hard Water Conditioner. Protects appliances, machinery, plumbing, fixtures, and surfaces from scale build-up.  Designed for commercial and residential applications where there is a typical water flow rate of between 24 to 45 litres per minute.

It is an Australian designed and manufactured product which as been tested in a  variety of operating environments, including commercial structures, large homes, and mine sites. Larger models also available.

What Does It Do?

Many parts of Australia have water containing a high level of dissolved minerals and salt — commonly referred to as “hard water”.

Some of the carbonate minerals found in hard water can precipitate from the water to form a hard mineral crust called limescale. Limescale can be a significant problem as it can eventually cause damage to:

  • Heating elements
  • Pipework
  • Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines
  • Internal plumbing fixtures
  • Coffee machines
  • Steam ovens
  • Shower heads and more

In severe cases, limescale can cause damage significant enough to destroy appliances or cause blockages and flow rate issues in water pipes.

Limescale is also very difficult to remove from hard surfaces and can significantly impair the energy efficiency of appliances.

SofterWater™ products were developed to reduce the rate of limescale development from hard water– helping you avoid scale-related damage or protecting your appliances and plumbing from scale-related damage.

The device uses a patented process to change the electrical charge of dissolved minerals contained within in the water. The modified minerals clump together in non-sticking colloids which remain in suspension. This reduces the number of minerals precipitating from the water to form scale.

Unlike traditional water softeners, the unit does not use ion exchange resin and does not require electricity or chemicals. As it is made from a combination of alloys and 316 stainless steel, it has a lifespan of decades.

Comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty (See manufacturer website for details).

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SofterWater™ T34 Hard Water Conditioner – Features

The SofterWater™ T34 is designed for flow rates between 24 to 45 litres per minute. This makes it ideal for apartment buildings, large homes, and commercial operating environments. Here are some of the key features of the T34:

  • Inline water conditioner for treating hard water
  • Ideal for larger volume commercial, residential applications, small factories, laundromats, and busy commercial kitchens
  • Flow rates (Litres per minute): Minimum 24 L/min, Average: 34 L/min, Maximum 45 L/min.
  • Rugged 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • NO Maintenance Costs (Once installed it will last for years)
  • NO Chemicals Required
  • NO Electricity Required
  • Does not change the taste or odour of your water
  • Screws directly onto incoming water line (simple installation 3/4″ Female Tapered Threads)
  • Treats 100% of the water coming into your premises

SofterWater™ T34 Commercial Hard Water Conditioner- Manufacturing Process

SofterWater™ T34 Commercial Hard Water Softener – Benefits

  • Protects water-consuming appliances from damage
    Scale build-up occurs very quickly inside of appliances that use hot water. It will quickly coat heating elements, boiler walls, solenoids, sensors, and pumps, which can impair the performance of water consuming appliances. If the issue is severe it can lead to catastrophic failure. The SofterWater™ T34 reduces the rate of limescale build-up potentially saving you thousands of dollars in maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Avoid blockages in water lines
    Limescale can also accumulate within water pipes. Slowing flow rates, increasing  SofterWater™ T34 reduces build-up of scale on the copper and galvanised water lines running through your home. This reduces the risk of expensive plumbing problems occurring including blockages and flow rate issues.
  • Avoid corrosion associated with high mineral levels
    Water that contains high levels of dissolved salts and minerals can eventually become corrosive to pipework. The T34 will help to reduce this type of corrosion damage from occurring,
  • Does not change taste or aroma
    Ion exchange water softeners can make water taste saltier, as they use chlorides to flush the resin. This is not ideal for installations which use the water for drinking or food production.
  • Easier to use detergents
    It can be much harder to form a lather from detergents when using hard water. This is problematic for residential users, commercial kitchens and laundromats. The SofterWater™ T34 helps by changing the structure of the minerals in the water so the water ‘behaves’ like it softer. Forming a lather is much easier.
  • Simple installation
    Installation can be performed by any qualified tradesman. Simply cut into the main water line entering the premises or the water line serving the specific appliance you want to protect.

SofterWater™ T34 Water Conditioner – How It Works

  1. SofterWater™ units are made using a special foundry process, combining a group of metals on the anode and cathode galvanic scale. This proprietary alloy has a non-sacrificial anode, which never needs replacement.
  2. Water flowing through the unit will strike a series of baffles causing intense galvanic reactions.
  3. Most of the minerals in the water are attracted to the sites of these reactions, forming clumps which remain suspended in the water.
  4. Any mineral that build-up that occurs is much softer and easy to remove.

It’s important to note that each SofterWater™ unit is designed for a specific flow rate range. The T34 is designed to be effective at between 34 to 45 litres per minute.

SofterWater™ T34 Hard Water Conditioner – Specifications

  • Model: SofterWater™ T34
  • Country of origin: Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Thread: 3/4″ (25mm) BSPT Female Threads
  • Length: 248mm
  • Housing: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Flow range: 24-45 L/min
  • Application: Medium flows
  • Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. See manufacturer website for details.

Why Is Hard Water A Problem?

Although hard water doesn’t pose a significant health risk, the build-up of scale can wreak havoc on a home. Some of the issues you may experience include:

  • Damage to appliances
    One of the most significant problems associated with scale is damage to appliances. Scale build-up quickly destroys the internal components of coffee makers, washing machines, ice makers, dishwashers and other water-consuming appliances.
  • Clogged showerheads
    Scale can build up in showerheads, blocking holes and reducing your flow rate. This can make your showers much less enjoyable and make it more difficult to clean yourself efficiently.
  • More soap scum on baths, showers and other hard surfaces
    Hard water can prevent soap from dissolving completely. The soap can bond with the minerals in the water to form a film that sticks to everything and causes a soap scum ring in the bath tub.
  • Cleaning is a major hassle
    Limescale build-up from hard water is notoriously difficult to get rid of. Most cleaning products aren’t effective against it, so you need to use a lot of elbow grease to take it off
  • Permanent etching to glass shower doors
    If scale deposits are left on glass surfaces for several months, they can begin to etch into the glass, causing permanent damage. If this occurs, your glass shower door will develop a white cloudy appearance that looks terrible.
  • Fabrics are scratchy and wear out fast
    Hard water is brutal on clothes. It can damage the fibres, making your clothing uncomfortable to wear and causing it to degrade faster.
  • Damage to plumbing fixtures
    Limescale can cause significant damage to your plumbing fixtures. It can move into the crevices on your fixtures, making them difficult to turn and causing drips. It can also contribute to leaks, but expanding joints. A hard water conditioner like the T56 is ideal for resolving this type of issue.
  • Spots on glasses and dishes
    If you wash glasses and dishes in hard water, the minerals will dry on the surface, causing spots and streaks. Over time, a cloudy film can develop which makes your glasses and dishes look terrible. A water conditioner like the T56 is ideal for resolving this type of issue.

SofterWater™ T34 Hard Water Softener – FAQ

Will It Reduce Scale Build-up In My Appliances?

Yes, the SofterWater™ T34 is designed to do exactly that.

The unit will greatly reduce hard limescale build-up in appliances, protecting them from damage and reducing power consumption.

However, it’s worth noting that it won’t remove soft residues like soap scum which can combine with minerals. Fortunately, those types of residues are simple to remove using a domestic cleaning product. The hard-to-remove carbonate limescale will be virtually eliminated.

Does The T34 Require Any Maintenance?

No it doesn’t.

Once installed, you can expect to get many years, if not, many decades of use from it. The alloy and stainless steel housing are resistant to corrosion and extremely robust.

Does The Internal Alloy Ever Need To Be Replaced?

No, it doesn’t.

The special alloy contained within SofterWater™ conditioners is not a sacrificial anode, which means it does not corrode or lose molecules over time. This means it will technically be capable of lasting for decades.

In fact, there are commercial softening units installed by SofterWater™  over 20 years ago which are still effective today.

How Does This Differ To A Traditional Whole House Water Softener?

Most water softeners will use ion exchange resin to remove dissolved minerals from the water.

The resin will ‘exchange’ dissolved mineral carbonates from the water and replace them with another molecule — usually sodium. When the resin has run out of sodium molecules, it can be ‘recharged’ with salty water. The unit must then wash the salty water out of the system.

While ion exchange resin is very effective, there are a few downsides associated with this process:

  1. Softeners are expensive
    A water softener can cost several thousand dollars. There are also running costs which can include electricity costs, replacement resin, and salt.
  2. Salty Water
    After your resin is flushed, it is rinsed with clean water to remove the excess salt. Unfortunately, it is not always effective, resulting in salty tasting water entering the home.
  3. Wastes water
    The regular process of washing your resin wastes a lot of water.

The SofterWater products avoid these downsides, as there are no replacement parts required, no salt is used, and no electricity is needed.

Will It Affect My Flow Rate?

No, it will not impact your flow rate.

However, it is important to select the correct unit for your application. To choose the correct unit, compare your average/maximum flow rates against SofterWater™ Conditioners Model Application guide.

The T34, for example, is specified as requiring a flow rate of between 24 L/min to 65 L/min.

It’s important that you don’t get a unit that is too small or too large, as it may be less effective due to impaired galvanic activity.

Is This The Same As A Hard Water Filter?

No it’s different.

A hard water filter will contain some type of media that reduces hardness. The most common types of hard water filters have polyphosphate or KDF.

  • Polyphosphate will dissolve in the water over time, sequestering (wrapping up) some of the dissolved calcium and magnesium molecules, so it is more difficult for scale to form.
  • KDF is a blend of copper and zinc. As oxygenated water flows through this media, certain contaminants lose or gain electrons to the KDF. Some of the dissolved calcium in the water is precipitated from the water as aragonite, so doesn’t go on to form scale.

Unfortunately, both of these media types will only work on water that is soft to slightly hard water. People in locations like SA, WA, and QLD will have water that is too hard.

Other hard water filters will use ion exchange resin or another media. They can handle harder water, but are more expensive.

The differences between these hard water filters and the SofterWater products are:

  • Filter media needs to be replenished over time. Either a new filter or bags of media will need to be purchased, so there is an ongoing cost to consider.
  • Large housings, vessels, or filter heads are required for hard water filters.
  • Replacement parts may also be needed. Hard water filters often have o-rings, heads, filter sumps and other components which wear out.

The SofterWater devices are a set and forget type device with a lifetime guarantee. Once it is installed there is nothing you will need to do.

SofterWater™ – Testimonials

Subject: SofterWater Conditioner Model T34 Testimonial

We have had major issues with mineral water fouling up heat exchangers.

The exchanger maintenance was outsourced and disassembled and pressure cleaned on a weekly basis at a cost of $300 per visit.
Since installing the SofterWater Conditioner unit the maintenance has been extended to 6-8 weeks.

The savings over 12 months are significant!!
We will be looking at installing more next year. Thanks to Earl and the team at SofterWater Conditioners.

John Webster

Facilities Services Manager
Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa
Best Destination Spa Experience-The Australian Travel & Tourism Awards 2010


Hello Earl,

Hope you and your family are well. Apologies it has taken a while to respond! The SofterWater Conditioner has definitely made a difference. We haven’t had to replace our hot water element since 27.8.11, if it goes past 12 months that will be great!

Usually it needs replacing after 9 months or so as there is so much mineral build up etc. We have kept a record of the dates when the element has been replaced before the SofterWater Conditioner went in. There is a bit less pressure, but we do think the water is softer. Hope this is helpful.

– Regards, Sally


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