20″ x 4.5″ Pleated Sediment & Silver GAC Carbon Filters


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Big Blue and Big White replacement Filters  for the Large Twin Whole of House Water Filter Re-usable System on Town Water Supplies.

The first stage of the filter is a 2045PW5 pleated washable 5 microns sediment filter which will reduce sediment, rust algae etc. Nearly all suspended sediment that comes through town water is reduced with a 5 micron filter.

The second stage is a 2045Silver/GAC silver impregnated granulated carbon filter, ideal for whole of house or where a high flow rate is needed, residential or commercial. It will reduce Dirt, Rust, Algae, Sediment, Chlorine. Chemicals, Bad Taste and Odours and inhibits bacteria in the carbon.

Silver carbon is used in filters with long periods between servicing and in filters that are used on untreated water supplies like rain water tanks and poor quality town supplies

Filter dimensions are 510mm H x 117mm W

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