3M HF25 S Water Filter AP9112 with Scale Reduction


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HF25-S 3M part 5615203 Food Service & Catering Equipment protection water filter for Soft to Mid Range Total Hardness ppm.

Is the ideal substitute for the AP9112, CWFAP 9112, C-Cyst-FF, Zip 92321, HF27s and AP9000 cartridges and systems.

3M is leading the world with the latest technology in water filtration. Setting a new standard for espresso machine performance.

Micromet scale protection for boilers, elements, flow paths and valves against harmful scale build up saving you money on service calls and break downs.

Ideal for scale protection where the total hardness is lower than 140ppm.

Pre-activation means the filter does not need flushing to remove carbon fines, saving time and making change over time quick will no loss of product. (It is recommended to run 1-2 litres of water through to expel air from the filter and line)

Improved sediment reduction and increased sediment holding capacity will reduces the risk of blockages and ensures the filter maintains a high flow. Removes dirt, rust, sand and fine particles.

Chemical reduction up to 97% of chlorine, organic containments, herbicides, pesticides.

Greater taste improvement for better tea and coffee etc..

HF25-S is rated at 1 micron

Capacity of 37854 litres

Replace filter at 12 months or 1500 kg of coffee.

NSF Certified for use with coffee machines and food equipment

These filters fit the 3M NEPHEADS which have the new designed high flow head which automatically shuts off the water when the filter is removed, making for quick & sanitary filter change overs and minimal down time.

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