Brita Purity C150 Finest Water Filter for Coffee Machines


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Brita Purity C150 Finest Water Filter for Coffee Machines. Reduces bad taste/odour, chemicals, sediment, and scale build-up. Protects your coffee machine and makes your brew taste great!


Brita Purity C150 Finest quick change water filter cartridge. Reduces sediment, chemicals, chlorine, water hardness and other impurities.  The perfect filter for making great tasting coffee! 

The Brita C150 Finest is one of Brita’s flagship products. It is a sophisticated filter which has been designed from the ground up to suit coffee machines.

The C150 uses a combination of several filter media types to reduce bad taste/odour, chemicals, sediment, and other substances which can negatively impact the quality of your coffee.

The Brita Finest range also reduces Total Hardness, reducing the build-up of scale inside of your coffee machine and removing potentially corrosive chlorides (which can be damaging to stainless steel boilers).

The PURITY Finest C150 filter medium enhances the odour of your coffee and will help it have excellent mouthfeel. You can enjoy a fresh, flavourful coffee free of the contaminants commonly found in town water.

Brita Purity C150 Finest Key Features

  • Designed Specifically for Espresso Coffee Machines
    Brita is one of the leaders in coffee filtration. The Purity series is their flagship series of coffee filters, built from the ground up to improve the taste and of odour of espresso coffee, and protect coffee machines from damage.
  • Ideal for Residential Use
    The C150 Finest is the perfect size for home coffee enthusiasts.
  • Compatible with Brita Purity C Head
    Uses the popular Brita C head, a versatile product compatible with the full range of specialist Brita coffee filters. Has a rapid change capability which makes swapping filters a breeze.
  • Reduces Total Hardness
    Mixed bed resin reduces both temporary (carbonate) and permanent hardness, providing your espresso machine with complete protection.
  • Perfect for Stainless Steel Boilers
    Reduces chlorides which can cause pitting in stainless steel boilers.
  • Maintains Ideal Mineral Composition for Coffee 
    The Brita C150 Finest is designed to reduce the dissolved minerals which can damage coffee machines. However, it will retain some mineral content to ensure your coffee has a delicious bright flavour.

! Caution: The PURITY Finest C is not suitable for use with combi ovens and conventional ovens.

Brita Purity C150 Finest – Bypass Settings

PURITY Finest C cartridges must be operated with a bypass setting of 0 %.

Brita C150 Finest Filtration Stages

  1. Sediment pre-filter
    Pre-filtration reduces coarse particles including sand, silt, rust, metal, and dirt.
  2. Ion exchange resin (Mixed bed resin)
    Mixed bed resin is used to reduce dissolved minerals, salts, and metal ions in the water. A mixed bed resin reduces both temporary carbonate hardness which forms scale and permanent hardness which stays in the water. This is how the finest protects your coffee machine from both scale build-up and corrosion from chlorides.
  3. Granular activated carbon 
    Activated carbon filtration reduces bad taste/odour in the water and takes out a range of chemical contaminants including chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and petrochemicals.
  4. Sediment post-filter 
    An even finer sediment filter which reduces finer particles and prevents the carbon from escaping the filter.

Brita Purity C150 Finest – Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Brita
  • Model: C150 Purity Finest
  • Maximum operating pressure: 8.6 bar
  • Operating position: Vertical
  • Average Filter Capacity: 1833 litres at 105 mgl of Carbonate Hardness Head setting 0% (will vary based on water hardness) Brita C150 Capacity Tables
  • Dimensions 410mm overall x 102mm across
  • Part number 1017517

Brita Purity C150 Purity Finest – Brochures and Specifications

Brita Purity C150 Finest Specifications Sheet

Brita Purity Range Filter Capacity Tables

Brita Purity C Filter Head Data Sheet

Brita Purity C Instruction Manual

Brita Water Types Guide

Interested in learning more about coffee machine filters? Read our blog post Why Having A Coffee Machine Water Filter Is Essential.

Brita Purity C150 Purity Finest – Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get the Brita Finest or the Brita Quell ST?

There are two key differences between the Finest and Quell filters: 

  1.  Difference Types of Resin
    The Quell contains Cation Resin which reduces Carbonate Hardness that creates limescale.
    The Finest contains Mixed Bed Resin which reduces Total Hardness (carbonates, sulphates, chlorides, etc) that creates scale and can be corrosive to stainless steel.
  2. The Quell ST Can Use The Adjustable Bypass   
    If you have a Quell, you can change how much of the water goes through the resin. This lets you fine tune how much calcium and magnesium carbonates are removed. This can be a useful feature in areas with low to moderate hardness. The Finest needs to be run at 0% bypass, which means 100% of the incoming water goes through the resin.

In general terms:

We recommend the Brita Finest if:

  • You are in area with high total hardness, like parts of SA, WA, NT, Western NSW and parts of QLD.
  • You have a stainless steel boiler, which is vulnerable to pitting from high chloride levels

We recommend the Brita Quell ST if:

  • You are in an area with soft to moderate hardness levels like VIC, Eastern NSW, Tasmania, parts of QLD/SA
  • You have high calcium/magnesium carbonate levels but reasonably low chlorides

If you are unsure, get in touch today and we will look at your water quality and usage to determine the best option.


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