Brita Purity C150 Quell ST Water Filter for Coffee & Vending Machines and Steam Ovens


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The Brita Purity C150 Quell ST quick change filter cartridge is ideal for filtration of coffee espresso machines and drinking water. Reduces sediment, bad taste/odour, and the carbonate hardness which causes scale.


Purity C150 Quell ST Brita quick change filter cartridge decarbonation filter.

Useful for:

  • Coffee & Espresso Machines
    Removes contaminants which can negatively impact the flavour, appearance, and mouthful of your coffee. Also protects your coffee machine against damage.
  • Hot & Cold Vending Machines
    Provides protection from scale build-up and improves beverage quality.
  • Combi Ovens & Conventional Ovens
    Stops scale from blocking steam lines.
  • Drink water installations with moderately hard water

PURITY C Quell ST filter cartridges reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, thus preventing scale deposits in the downstream terminal equipment.

Depending on the by-pass setting, calcium, magnesium and metal ions can be selectively reduced from the drinking water during the flow process.

In addition to cloudiness and organic pollutants, the filter material also reduces the level of substances impairing smell and taste, such as chlorine residues in the filtrate and in the by-pass water.

Typical areas of application for PURITY C Quell ST are coffee and espresso machines, hot and cold drink vending machines as well as combi ovens and conventional ovens.

Brita C150 Quell St Features

  • Protects your machine from damage
    Limescale deposits and the associated machine breakdowns are reduced
    including additional service and repair costs
  • Removes bad taste/odour in source water 
    The removal of unwanted taste and aroma elements in the filtrate (and
    also in the bypass water) for optimum quality of the end product
  • Works with standard PURITY C Head
    One filter head concept for all cartridge versions in the PURITY C range
    with various head designs for individual requirements
  • Rapid filter change
    Simple to handle with rapid-change system including an innovative
    locking handle for reliable adjustment
  • Flush valve 
    Integrated flush valve for easy operation and space-saving thanks to the
    water inlet and outlet on one side of the filter head

Brita C150 Quell ST Filtration Stages

  1. Sediment pre-filtration 
    The pre-filtration stage reduces coarse sediment particles including rust, dirt, sand, and bio-slime.
  2. Cation Ion Exchange Resin 
    The resin stage of the Quell ST reduces the carbonate minerals that are responsible for forming scale in your coffee machine. This slows the rate that scale deposits accumulate in your coffee machine’s boilers and water lines – improving the performance of your coffee machine.
  3. Granular Activated Carbon
    Activated carbon will adsorb a wide range of chemical contaminants including chlorine, volatile organic compounds, herbicides, pesticides and so on.  Also reduces the presence of bad taste/odour common in treated water, helping you produce a brew that is delicious.
  4. Sediment post-filtration
    A fine post-filtration sediment pad captures smaller particles and prevents any carbon from escaping.

Variable head by-pass setting makes it possible to vary the use of resin to suit water conditions.

Brita Purity C150 Quell ST Capacity

Below are a few setting to use as a guide.

Capacities for Coffee and Espresso Machines and Vending Machines in areas with soft to low hardness up to 140 ppm by-pass setting at 50% = 3574 litres or if the water is fairly hard 210 ppm and the by-pass set at 30% = 1738 litres.

Capacities for Combi Steamers and Conventional Ovens in areas with soft to low hardness up to 140 ppm by-pass setting at 0% = 1881 litres or if the water is fairly hard 210 ppm = 1254 litres. By-pass set at 10% and hardness up to 140 ppm = 2069 litres or 1380 litres at 210 ppm hardness.

Let us know your water hardness reading and we can advise you on the best by-pass setting to suit your local water.

Brita Purity C150 Quell ST Specifications

  • Technology: Sediment, Chemical, Bad Taste/Odour removal and Decarbonisation
  • Dimensions: 410mm overall x 102mm across
  • Part number: 102828, 1002506
  • Max. operating pressure | Water intake temperature: 8.6 bar | 4 – 30 °C
  • Nominal flow (Pressure loss at nominal flow): 60 l/h (0.25 bar)
  • Weight (dry/wet): 1.8/2.8 kg
  • Connections (input/output): 3/8“ or John Guest 8 mm (JG 8)
  • Operating position: Operation horizontal and vertical
  • Use after inhouse softening units: Possible

Brita Purity C150 Quell ST Scale Reduction Capacities

2,408 litres with PURITY C head set at 40 % filter head bypass with a carbonate hardness of 10 °dH

2,086 litres with PURITY C head set at 30 % filter head bypass with a carbonate hardness of 10 °dH

1,505 litres with PURITY C head set at 0 % filter head bypass with a carbonate hardness of 10 °dH

Interested in learning more about coffee machine filters? Read our blog post Why Having A Coffee Machine Water Filter Is Essential.

Brita Purity C150 Quell ST Video Demonstration

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